Do you want to make your thoughts on justice visible this election season?

Let’s do this. Can you post your ribbon photo in the comments on this post?

We (DASSAN, Darwin Asylum Seeker Support and Advocacy Network) are suggesting the following …

In the lead up to the election we are asking people who support justice for asylum seekers and refugees to wear a ribbon. We hope the ribbons will be a useful conversation starter, and that people will use them to make a statement about their intention to vote for justice for asylum seekers, and the immediate closure of the camps on Manus and Nauru. We are asking people to wear them every day/evening up until the election.

There are 2 black ribbons (representing the adults and children incarcerated on Nauru and Manus Island), and one aqua or blue ribbon with the word “JUSTICE” (representing hope).

Black was chosen because we asked the children on Nauru and the men on Manus Island what colour they would prefer us to use for our campaign.

Sadly both groups chose BLACK.

To make your own ribbons, just purchase some black and blue (or aqua) ribbon and add a safety pin. If you chose to write on the ribbons – fabric pens can be purchased fairly easily at Office Works, Spotlight, and probably any supermarket.

You can also substitute the blue ribbon for a colour that represents your organisation or community.


Michele Feinberg Why not make a whole bunch while you’re at it and give some to your friends.

Jenny Coutts
Jenny Coutts EGASS (East Gippsland Asylum Seeker Support) is making a big pile of ribbons to hand out at our Sausage Sizzle outside K Mart on June 25 during Refugee Week in Bairnsdale.


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