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The location and divisions of the dumping ground areas for 1167 traumatised human beings

Nauru is a tiny island 8sq miles or 21sq km. The island is 4km wide x 6km long. It is smaller than Melbourne airport.
The pics show the location and divisions of the dumping ground areas for 1167 traumatised human beings.
Asylum Seekers are kept in the highly restricted and heavily guarded areas that the Australian Government calls Regional Processing Centres (RPC’s).
There are still 50 asylum seeker children living in cramped, mouldy tents with no privacy in the Family accommodation area in RPC3.

Once the Asylum seekers have been processed and found to be genuine refugees, they move into the areas called refugee camps. The facilities are slightly better.
There are about 300 children living in the refugee camps around the island. RPC3 was re zoned and part of it was turned into the new refugee camp. The other refugee camps are located around the ring road (the road around the perimeter).

RPC2 as shown on the map is where the single adult Asylum Seeker men live in mouldy cramped tents with no privacy. Fly camp, also on the map is an isolated refugee camp for men.

RPC1 is the administrative areas and staff accommodation. Save the Children are no longer there. However, the map shows the strategic location of their accommodation next to the sewage area. The recreation area in RPC3 is now closed with Save the Children’s departure.
Nauru is one of the hottest and most debilitating places on earth. The infrastructure is poor and it is considered an environmental catastrophe. Unable to grow food and there is no natural drinking water. The asylum seekers and refugees have been living in appalling conditions, in limbo with uncertainty about their future for three years. Children have missed out on an education, people are sick and suffering enormously both physically and mentally.

All of the asylum seekers were removed from Christmas and brought to Australia. That had no effect on the boats. Please give the refugees and asylum seekers doomed on Nauru an amnesty to come to Australia until the Government works out a more humane way of dealing with the issue.


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