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Even the LNP supporters think refugees should be taken to Australia


Bruce Powell
Bruce Powell Can someone explain to me how doctors can work in conditions where they are aware of widespread suffering and abuse…..and NOT say anything? Who are these doctors and how can we help them publicize this appalling situation. I know that they have to siSee more

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Zainab Clark
Zainab Clark Bring them all to Tasmania!!!

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Neville Smith
Neville Smith I am looking forward to waking up on Sunday morning to an impossibly hung HoR and an ungovernable Senate who both will demand consenses rather than brutal dictators destroying human lives for their personal benefit.

Mark Gledhill
Mark Gledhill Don’t know who did the poll but most independent polls put the figure@45%Of Australian people want them here

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Bruce Powell
Bruce Powell I am acutely aware of the injustice…….I am asking what progress there is on a solution and what role the AMA can play? Or indeed other professional bodies. Presumably there has to be some sort of accreditation of these roles……who is supporting that? Where do the doctors originate who work there? What would the AMA’s position be if the govt sought to prosecute someone for speaking up?

Jason Beek
Jason Beek every one knows that. but it will not get you elected for some reason.

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Roy Galey
Roy Galey I once thought that Australia was a big country with a big heart however it appears that we are not. Shame on us.

Gary Plummer
Gary Plummer Makes no difference to LNP policies!

Hayley Baxter
Hayley Baxter Tis true. I’ve spent hours standing next to them and even they are ashamed of how we have treated them.

Peter Beahan
Peter Beahan Shame on both major parties.

Tamsin Kelly
Tamsin Kelly Unfortunately what the overall majority of Australians want on this issue will not make a jot of difference to policy… The current hardline refugee policy was cooked up by the Liberal hard right as a way to wedge the Labor vote in a few key marginal See more

John Owen
John Owen Under the veil of secrecy , entitled “Border Protection”, LNP and Labour work to out-cruel each other in their treatment of families imprisoned on the Hell Holes of Nauru and Manus Island. I hope a groundswell of compassion from all the Australians and global supporters dumps Dutton and allows the UNHCR to coordinate the welcome to Australia. Sincerely, JO

Marc Joyce
Marc Joyce I think we should send the damn politicians to Nauru


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