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Free the People

It is horrifying to know that teenagers wrote (adapted) this powerful, yet chilling song.
On Nauru people have died, people have been locked up, whistle blowers have spoken out, children put on anti depressants, people have pleaded and protested and nothing changes. The United Nations has submitted damning reports, Australia’s reputation for cruelty is profound all around the world and nothing changes. What will it take to be heard? A song?
We invite everyone to sing our song and please send us your version! It has taken a long time to put this together and there are a few more verses. But, we are too tired to finish right now. We hope you can sing with us. Please share this song, especially with musicians, so it can be heard by everyone. So we can be heard. Thank you from the women and children on Nauru.



Pamela Collett
Pamela Collett Okay folks… here it is… in front of you. Now vote GREENS, who have made it clear they will work to close these camps. Thank you
Like · Reply · 11 · 1 July at 18:03
Lynette Muirhead
Lynette Muirhead What’s with “tell the devil he’s a liar” .
Like · Reply · 1 July at 18:23
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Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU When the kids sang it they regularly yelled out Tony Abbott
Like · Reply · 3 · 2 July at 13:22
Patricia Brooks
Patricia Brooks Release them all and let them live with us in Australia and Tasmania !!!!
Like · Reply · 5 · 1 July at 18:33
Grant James
Grant James Let them free
Like · Reply · 2 · 1 July at 18:50
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Kym Dawson
Kym Dawson Australia has the capacity to absorb these desperate people without fanfare…if we bomb their culture to oblivion it is our duty of care to help those fleeing the terror we are inflicting upon them. Why don’t we bomb their countries with food, medicine, tractors, water and solar, health workers and teachers etc. ?
Like · Reply · 8 · 1 July at 18:50
Melissa O’Donovan
Melissa O’Donovan Accidentally deleted the link:
Like · Reply · 1 · 1 July at 18:56
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Elaine Rodgers
Elaine Rodgers Free the children
Like · Reply · 3 · 1 July at 19:50
Steven Atheelius
Steven Atheelius Australia is a shameful country.
Like · Reply · 3 · 1 July at 20:32
Kathy Frame
Kathy Frame I can’t believe this continues!
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 July at 04:00
Lee Chook
Lee Chook Obviously Jesus isnt listening
Like · Reply · 2 July at 05:21
Bijou Po
Bijou Po I’m voting Greens today (although I usually vote Labor) because they have the ONLY decent policy and plan to help you all.
Like · Reply · 5 · 2 July at 07:37 · Edited
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Margery Cass
Margery Cass An old Sherbet song! I’ll see if I can get the chords worked out and maybe add a verse of my own.
Like · Reply · 2 July at 10:08
Margery Cass
Margery Cass Chorus: [G] Free the people [Bb] from the fire [F] Pull the boat out of the [D] raging sea [G] Tell the devil [B7] he’s a [Em] liar [C] Come and save the likes of [G] me [G] Saw a man walk on [A] water [C] And everybody looking [G] on [G] I didn’t know…See more
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 July at 11:47
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Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU We are so excited to hear your version – let the song grow!!
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 July at 13:27
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Peter Kere
Peter Kere dutton this is what you call no children in detention centres
Like · Reply · 2 · 2 July at 16:37
Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson Every time I see a post on Nauru I’ve been humming and singing Free the People. This is the perfect song to adapt. We need a band to take this on! Or are there any singers or a studio who would sing a version to be sold to raise money ?
I have no contacts – wish I did.
Like · Reply · 3 · 2 July at 17:34
Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Thanks for your comment. It’s wonderful to hear feedback about our song. We have the sheet music and a few more verses. We have emailed it to a couple of musicians and are looking forward to hearing their versions.
Like · Reply · 2 · 2 July at 19:26
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Julie Thompson
Julie Thompson Josh Thompson


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