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Lesson One Australian Vote

For those on Nauru please read all of this.
There are 2 different Votes. One is a Senate vote (Sarah Hanson Young is a Senator). The other is the House of Representatives Vote (The Prime Minister).

This is the House of Representatives explained:
No one has won the election yet
They have stopped counting votes and will start counting again on Tuesday.
They have only counted 77.6% of votes so far. So the seats below could change when they count all of the votes.

LNP has 66 seats. They used to have 90 seats. So they have lost heaps – That is a great result even if they win.

ALP has 67 seats. They used to have 55 seats. That is a great result too. It proves that Australian’s are more caring.

Other parties (including the Greens) has 5 seats. The Green’s used to have 1 seat and still have 1 seat.

There are 12 seats where the votes are too close to know who is likely to win.
The seats above could change when they count 100% of the votes.

A seat is like a right to vote and talk about things at a big meeting. It’s like your student meetings. Some of you were representatives. Some students had seats at the meetings, some ABF had seats, some Transfield had seats and some Save The Children had seats at the meetings. Other people had seats too.

LNP is Malcolm Turnbull’s Party – think of them as Immigration (ABF). We know that most of them on Nauru are mean and heartless and cannot be trusted. They only listen to you when they want something otherwise they ignore you and don’t care about your suffering. They do things to make your life harder.

ALP is Bill Shorten’s Party – think of them like a mix of Transfield and IHMS. Some of them care a lot and fight for your freedom and some of them don’t. Most of them are scared of upsetting ABF so they pretend that they are just like ABF. They are not as mean as ABF. But they don’t stand up and fight for what is right because they want to win and they are pretty gutless. There are some really kind ones who try really hard to get the other members to listen.

Other Parties – A mix of everyone else like the Interpreters, Wilson’s and locals. Some are great and some are crazy.

The Greens is one of the Other Parties – they are like Save The Children. They care. They tell the truth about what is happening to you and they will not stop fighting for you. They are stronger than you think. A group called Get UP like them and fought very hard to tell people the truth about the babies. They promoted the Keep them Here campaign. It is a major reason why 267 people were not sent back to Nauru. They are small but their hearts are big and they will win in the end because there are 100’s of whistle blowers ready to risk everything for your freedom and humane treatment.

Peter Kere
Peter Kere thank you

Melissa O'Donovan
Melissa O’Donovan Official Australia Votes ABC info site for mobile:

Angie Gittus
Angie Gittus Dear Children on Nauru (and your mothers and fathers and uncles and family and friends) I voted Green to support your right to freedom and even though our candidate did not win I will not stop fighting for your freedom. We will not forget you are there and we will not stop caring for you and fighting for your human right to safety. ❤️

Dawn Forrer
Dawn Forrer I voted only for Greens. Good always wins over evil!

5 Replies
Meghan Bulmer
Meghan Bulmer Greens also had my vote. Was thinking of you all

Sheila Ryan
Sheila Ryan Voted Greens.Only party with a conscience these days.

Anne Tichborne
Anne Tichborne That’s a great explanation. Many voters don’t know that much.

Emma Gregory
Emma Gregory A good summary! Australians could learn a lot from this post!

1 Reply
Jay Oh Jo
Jay Oh Jo Voted Greens all the way 💚💚💚💚💚💚

Kali Waterford
Kali Waterford Good explanation!

Joel Stibbard
Joel Stibbard I used to vote ALP but switched to Green because I am against offshore detention. I hope many people get to see what you are all going through and that they wake up to the fact that it is more humane and more economically sound to have you in our Country, going to our schools and teaching us all about the culture you come from

Carla Lesler
Carla Lesler This is a really beautiful run down. thank you

Patricia Brooks
Patricia Brooks 😍😍greens not giving up for manus and Nauru ….

Sarah Mawer
Sarah Mawer Greens had my vote, because I care deeply for all of you!

Franky More
Franky More I love the explanation – and the analogies are spot on. Go the Greens. More and more people are recognising the vital importance of a humane vote – not just an economic one!

Michelle Rauenbusch
Michelle Rauenbusch We have not forgotten you.Us little people are joining together until one shout becomes a huge roar to free you all from the nightmare you are caught in!!!

Petrina Elliott
Petrina Elliott Proud to vote green. And no I won’t stop either.

Petrina Elliott's photo.

Erin Kennedy
Erin Kennedy I voted Green because I care about refugees!! We haven’t forgotten you xxx


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