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The Queen of England is the head of Australia. She lives in England which is a long way away from Australia. So she puts a Governor-General in charge who lives in Australia. This is a picture of all of the parts of the Parliament of Australian. There are 2 houses of parliament. One is called the Senate or the Upper House and the other one is called the House of Representatives or the Lower House.


Justin Deutscher
Justin Deutscher Only problem there is the constitution was changed in 73 and now we are signed to the queen of Australia (nonexistent) and the role of GG is no longer that as was originally prescribed.

Besides, all claim of constitution of federation is nulla and voSee more

Dab Terrell
Dab Terrell We, or to be more precise, the government of the day, appoints the GG not the Queen. I doubt she gives a toss. We hang on to the British monarchy; the monarchy is not hanging on to Australia. Australia should be grown up enough now to become a Republic. Its up to us. Im sure HRH would give us a hug and wish us well.

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU The Government of the day recommends. But, the Queen appoints.

Felicity Polly Mobbs
Felicity Polly Mobbs I think this info helps us all , thank you


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