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Not another Christmas in detention!

Let’s campaign for a time frame. Not another Christmas in detention! Here’s our proposal:

12 August On International Youth Day: We ask the Government to commit to a resettlement plan in a SUITABLE country. An amnesty to be resettled in Australia is preferable.

19 August on World Humanitarian Day: To have all refugees transferred to Nauru as unaccompanied minors (regardless of current age) resettled.

21 September on International Day of peace: Begin to resettle all children (families) and all Single Adult Females. Process all asylum seekers.

10 December on Human Rights Day: Have all remaining refugees on Nauru and Manus resettled.

Who wants to help campaign for our plan?


Khris Ryan
Khris Ryan I so hope this can be achieved !

Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott It’s a constant thorn in my side that some fat cats pretending to act for my interest are effectively running concentration camps for people who were motivated to overcome adversity. I don’t begrudge the money except that which goes to security companies.

Ilona Mezedi
Ilona Mezedi I want to help!

Susan Shrimpton
Susan Shrimpton It must stop!!

Gary R Skaman
Gary R Skaman Free them All, not just the children!! They are not criminals!!

John Brown
John Brown I want to help

Eilish Bremner Wojtowicz
Eilish Bremner Wojtowicz ME! sounds like a fantastic plan!

Karyl Davison
Karyl Davison Sounds like a good plan. Il do what I can.

Lauren Battaglia
Lauren Battaglia 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Bronwen Griffiths
Bronwen Griffiths Will NZ be ‘suitable’ this time around I wonder?

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Linda Saad
Linda Saad I’m in Singapore but please let me know what I can do.

Melissa O'Donovan
Melissa O’Donovan Only asking for children to be released because… it’s okay to separate them from their (innocent and illegally imprisoned families) because we can accept torturing ‘adults’ but shouldn’t accept torturing ‘children’? Please get your priorities right aSee more

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Please re read. It does not ask for children only. It refers to families, single adult females, all refugees on Nauru and Manus and processing of all asylum seekers.

Jenny Coutts
Jenny Coutts We need to expect all on Nauru and Manus to be resettled in a safe, new homeland where they can live with dignity and hope for the future. I will share your post with others in my local Asylum Seeker Support Group in regional Victoria.

Marryanne Christodoulou
Marryanne Christodoulou Sounds great what can I do?

Tonia Arbucci
Tonia Arbucci Yes yes yes. What can we do???

Tonia Arbucci
Tonia Arbucci apart from signing petitions?


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