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Racist taunts help keep Nauru refugee kids out of school

Teacher Jason and Save the Children speak out! “Save the Children until last year, saw attendance rates of up to 90 per cent. The federal government closed that program, forcing the children to attend local schools”

“Save The Children has called on the Turnbull government to urgently find resettlement options for refugees and asylum seekers at Nauru and Manus Island”.


Sallie Davies
Sallie Davies Australia keeps on going on about how important education and has subjected some cultural groups with fines for truancy. Yet is happy to be small minded about children seeking asylum…shameful!

Maureen Shackleton Adams
Maureen Shackleton Adams This horrid government don’t give a damn about these kids. How would they like their kids treated this way. Bastards. So sick and shocked at what they do.

Melissa Vollebergh
Melissa Vollebergh We need to promote kindness and care. This is awful.

Bev Veal
Bev Veal What a sad testament 😞

Brigid Trenerry
Brigid Trenerry Incredibly hurtful. Unfortunately this happens in Australia too.




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