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“I wanna slap your lying lips off your face”

“I wanna slap your lying lips off your face” A comment by a Nauruan trainee teacher! Kind of proves our point – big time! The deaths and rapes are not a figment of anyone’s imagination – they are facts that can’t be denied. This has been posted by an Australian advocate. NOT by anyone on Nauru.

Shaun Whybrow
Shaun Whybrow Seem to recall the profile pics, not the first time. Who knows might be a bonus in it for her. Who needs morals, principles, ethics or self respect when you can get a pat on the head from your boss?

Annette Erdtsieck
Annette Erdtsieck Profile’s hidden me thinks

Shanna Olsen-Reeder
Shanna Olsen-Reeder Married to a guard I guess?

Sue McCarthy
Sue McCarthy Get the people out of there now!

Dennis Dowling
Dennis Dowling A mother, trainee teacher and a Christian education. Should produce a nice person. Can’t win them all!

John Brown
John Brown Why don’t we go and get them ourselves if our corrupt government won’t do it?

Traiza Soliman
Traiza Soliman Stupid comes in all shapes and sizes.


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