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We are all speaking out with the truth about Australian run detention camps

We are all speaking out with the truth about Australian run detention camps


Chantico Love
Chantico Love Strength to you all

Kay Livingstone
Kay Livingstone I still can’t comprehend it! It totally beggars belief and its astounding that this can go on in our lifetime! It’s incredible that the Australian government think that they can justify it, farmers treat their animals better!

Ela Simon
Ela Simon Peter Dutton the good people are getting close to get rid of you. I can smell the inquest. You blame the Asylum Seekers for inventing stories just so they can get to Australia. I blame you for torturing innocent people. You will pay for that.

Pam Anderson
Pam Anderson I can’t believe there is no action 😦

Kathleen Prentice
Kathleen Prentice Manus Island center is closing. But no refugees are coming to Australia.

Pam Anderson
Pam Anderson They’ll probably send them to Nauru 😦

Kathleen Prentice
Kathleen Prentice Probably. All the PM said is it closing and no one coming here. May release them from detention and leave them on Manus.

Leanne A Murphy
Leanne A Murphy AT LAST THE TRUTH IS BEING TOLD!!! ALL LIVES MATTER = I guess all lives only matter when they fit your political agenda.


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