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Teacher Eliza Seaborne speaks up on CNN

Teacher Eliza Seaborne speaks up on CNN. You are missed.


Eliza Seaborn
Eliza Seaborn You are also, all missed! Thinking of you.

Michael Broer
Michael Broer Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out about this. It must have been so distressing at times and I hope that you yourself are okay.

Olga Papadopoulos
Olga Papadopoulos A brave and human soul.

Kstar DizzyDiallo
Kstar DizzyDiallo Well done Eliza!! You really conveyed the reality of life for all those beautiful children

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano I suspect that the stories of cruelty and mistreatment will actually please many Australian voters. Almost two decades of demonisation of asylum seekers has convinced many voters that no treatment is too harsh.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin We have to go all out to change that, Kstar. It’s a long battle, but we’re still in there!


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