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Massive cracks appearing!


Dave Roman
Dave Roman He defames himself.

Sally Mack
Sally Mack He might some things are ‘trivial’ but they are the slow drip of indignity wearing the people away.

Sally Mack
Sally Mack And does he have proof Save the Children leaked?

Keith Novak
Keith Novak Three words: “Toughen Up Princess!” 😀

Judith Marion Latham
Judith Marion Latham Awwww! Poor little man.

Edmond Gao
Edmond Gao I don’t even know what to say to this statement

Edmond Gao's photo.

Serhan Ali
Serhan Ali you need to be ‘famous’ for something positive before being ‘defamed’ fkn moron

Serhan Ali
Serhan Ali reality tv show idea. peter dutton in nauru detention for 1 month.

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Hwvar Khoshnow
Hwvar Khoshnow LOLLLLLLL I genuinely have never felt such loathing for a man I’ve never even met.

Annette Erdtsieck
Annette Erdtsieck are you feeling harassed..and abused Peter???

Trish McKenzie
Trish McKenzie Peter Dutton certainly doesn’t need any help from the media. He’s quite capable of showing us how incapable, rude and completely out of his depth he is on his own.

Dimo Forlan Nadeem
Dimo Forlan Nadeem Peter Dutton should have a bounty on his head

Serhan Ali
Serhan Ali and after 1 month..when he thinks the show is over..he stays in for another 7 years with no contact to outside world.

Susan Hargreaves
Susan Hargreaves Here’s a thought … It’s not about you Pete… It’s about the people in detention first and foremost, and secondly it’s about Australia’s responsibility and reputation….

Bruce D. Watson
Bruce D. Watson I (Dutton) can do it without help…..

Dale Macfarlane
Dale Macfarlane In order for someone to be “defamed”, they need to have a good reputation.
Just shows how out of touch with public opinion he is.See more

Di Adams
Di Adams Getting desperate and aren’t we sorry for him. NOT!!!

Mike Pearson
Mike Pearson How can you be “defamed” if you are already “infamous”? Oh wait … classic DARVO

Amanda O'neill
Amanda O’neill Too late Pete……… Your very actions have defamed you. Own your disgrace. Amend your actions. Seek forgiveness, then resign.

Amanda Goodchild
Amanda Goodchild ‘Wah Wah Wah. Stop picking on me’! Dutton is more concerned about the leaking and reporting than the actual incidents? What sort of psychopath is he?

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Scarlet Burke
Scarlet Burke His eyes are black and cold.

Rita Manessis
Rita Manessis Children are being systematically abused, and this prick is worried about his ‘good name’.

Adrian McMillan
Adrian McMillan Corrupt, inept fool……..he does not deserve respect, he does not deserve his job. He will receive the ignominy and ridicule this policy and this government deserve.

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Anu Masefield
Anu Masefield His job is a poisoned chalice cos even if Father Xmas had it he could not go against nasty govt policy alone.

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Lauren Holz
Lauren Holz Oh Peter. It’s not defamation if what they’re saying is true.

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Grant James
Grant James Peter Dutton has the classical look of a spoilt cry baby

Michael Harris
Michael Harris What he means is he’s going to waste millions of tax payers money in frivolous law suits just like his mate hockey did.

Tania Burhala
Tania Burhala Defamation is the LEAST of his problems. I’d be more worried about ending up before an International Court for human rights violations if I was him.

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Steven Atheelius
Steven Atheelius What a low life! We’ve well and truly hit rock bottom. Sad times.

Joann Plen Valley
Joann Plen Valley but Peter YOU are the muppet who keeps saying it …

Jennie Everitt
Jennie Everitt ummm too late!! and its only defamation if it’s inaccurate

Carol Booth
Carol Booth How did he get voted back in? Let alone retain this portfolio?

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Sharon Egan
Sharon Egan Peter, you’re sociopathy is showing.

Haig Conolly
Haig Conolly Look at the comments on your own Facebook page dopey! Hard to find someone who’s not defaming you.

Jane Remphrey
Jane Remphrey No need to defame. We just tell the truth.

Pamela McNeil
Pamela McNeil Threw a bit of a “tanty” on radio today. Kept telling ABC presenter that the allegations od abuse were made up or exaggerated by The Guardian and the ABC.. what a Tool.

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Karen Sinclaire
Karen Sinclaire At last, he seems to be getting some comeuppance.

Juliet Robertson
Juliet Robertson It’s not defamation if it’s true.

Gail Hartmann
Gail Hartmann Peter Dutton deserves all he gets and more he is the Donald Trump of Australia- an idiot

Progressive Politics & Policy
Progressive Politics & Policy Won’t somebody please think of the minister!?! 😦
Can’t stand the scrutiny of media demanding a response to reports of abuse, so…
* Blame the Victim (they’re just hurting themselves, no biggie)See more

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey Just waiting for him to grow the little moustache and start trying to pretend there are no camps

George Psomotragos
George Psomotragos Oh poor dear Peter, is he feeling a little precious? Toughen up and spend 6 months in Nauru and Manus, creep!

Edward Blume-Poulton
Edward Blume-Poulton Self-defaming by his actions and habitual lying. Should be given all the respect that deserves.

Frank Schroeder
Frank Schroeder What a wanker!

Alison Sandy
Alison Sandy This man absolutely disgusts me – making out he’s somehow a victim here. He should be hanging his head in shame.

Stuart MacRae
Stuart MacRae I’ll defame him. He’s a potato.

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John Brown
John Brown Doesnt defamation require the accusations to be untrue? Dutton has committed crimes against humanity and should be arrested and tried, seems like a reasonable thing really

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Bruce Lattimore
Bruce Lattimore Dutton is an embarrassment to this Government and would be better removed from the ministry. The abuse on Nauru does need to be investigated and should not be covered up.

Ann Martin

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Kosta Moraitis
Kosta Moraitis It’s NASA’s fault, they’re behind everything

Diane Sproule-Carroll
Diane Sproule-Carroll Tough, Petey boy, you bring it all on yourself!

Paul Sun
Paul Sun Aw, Poor Precious Petal Peter is upset. It’s SO terrible to be criticized for your inhumane policies, isn’t it? Clearly, that’s SO much worse than simply being on the receiving end of them…

David James
David James Mr Cruel does it again!

Neroli Raff
Neroli Raff You have to be famous to be de-famed. He’s being de-infamed. Currently the most infamous of all our politicians. Famous for all the wrong reasons. Even Greg Hunt had lifted his game. Perhaps a new, lesser portfolio would help Dutton too

Anne Mortleman Chambers
Anne Mortleman Chambers That’s not defamation – that’s truth !

Shane Myers
Shane Myers Poo diddums… 🙂

Brian Thew
Brian Thew Reporting what he has presided over is not defaming the “gentleman”, he deserves his day in court in The Hague. The sooner the better.

Jodie Coughlan
Jodie Coughlan Own your decisions coward!

John Owen
John Owen Sack the repulsive “Turd that won’t flush!!!”

Bec Brown
Bec Brown Its not defamation if its the truth.

Wendy Steed
Wendy Steed Sooky la la, stamp widdle feets while Wome burns ….😡.

Russell David Wright
Russell David Wright should set fire to himself, in protest

Sallie Davies
Sallie Davies didums……what goes around comes around buster!

Marc Joyce
Marc Joyce Lol. The minister for torturing children is complaining like a spoilt child!

Tina Sørensen
Tina Sørensen David Leyonhjelm would say that “offence is always taken, not given” and “if you want to take offence, that’s your choice

John McPhee
John McPhee I don’t think telling the truth about what is happening counts as defamation.

Marion Anne Stokes
Marion Anne Stokes The truth will set you free Peter; pity it couldn’t set these innocent asylum seekers free 😢

Matt Hannon
Matt Hannon Dutton the douche bag.

Jan Whitaker
Jan Whitaker Sooky la la Dutton. His only defence was to attack the Guardian and ABC. Because, what Dutton does is SECRET. He can’t tell us the truth, therefore, he attacks the Free Press. I think his days on the Front Bench are numbered.

Johnno Goonan
Johnno Goonan Oh yes you will – all by yourself. You can’t fool all the people…and the harder you try, the more you lose!

Steve Franklin
Steve Franklin Every time you open your mouth…

Charlotte Alyce Jane Markwick
Charlotte Alyce Jane Markwick He is repulsive, they all are (Libs and labor) I hope they all get taken to the Hague!!!

2 Replies
Ann Fereti
Ann Fereti He does not deserve a break,get over yourself you bully

Walsh Lou
Walsh Lou no excuses, as adults we need to take responsibility for our actions

Bryan Fenech
Bryan Fenech Too late Peter, you’ve created your legacy all by yourself.

Jeff Goodwin
Jeff Goodwin There is no way we can criticise other countries like China and North Korea for human rights abuse – we have lost our moral compass.

3 Replies
Steve Franklin
Steve Franklin this is in Greece Dutton, Greece! Imagine what they can contribute in Australia…you despicable numpty.

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Maggie McEwan
Maggie McEwan Its only defamation if its not true Dickhead.

Louise Craig
Louise Craig No, you won’t be defamed because you’re already infamous.

Lyndon Norton
Lyndon Norton Didn’t he defame himself?

Cynthia Gleeson
Cynthia Gleeson Naaaawwww! Poor Peter……send him to Nauru ….. Or Manus Island and leave him there…….

Omid Masoum
Omid Masoum Dutton is a psychopath…..

Wendy Hardman
Wendy Hardman defamation is when its not true dick

Crickey Tee
Crickey Tee Actions speak the loudest Peter

Darryl Fry
Darryl Fry The Beast of Brisbane must be sacked, if not prosecuted in The Hague.

Margaret Sinclair
Margaret Sinclair No one is defaming Dutton. We’re just telling it like it is. Keep up the pressure everyone.

Gail May
Gail May Poor privileged white man who has the temerity to claim persecution whilst persecuting refugees. Prosecute him and Australian Governments for crimes against humanity. Just because the victims are in their hundreds and not thousands does not make it less of a crime.

Peter Hill
Peter Hill How could anyone defame Potato Head? It would be impossible to say anything about him that could possibly express how evil he is.

Graham Collins
Graham Collins Because he is a self-opinionated, elitist, selfish so and so.

Ren Shen
Ren Shen I wonder if he could pinpoint for us exactly which of the allegations are not “serious”?????

Sheila Bardon
Sheila Bardon What goes around comes around, Peter Dutton, welcome to your karma…

Veronica Agass
Veronica Agass Pfft! My heart bleeds for him – not! He had the power to save the lives of people, but, basically because it was inconvenient, he allowed (huh, arranged!) for them to be imprisoned and tortured. Karma hasn’t started with you yet boy!!

Helen Merrick
Helen Merrick hopefully you will be much more than defamed, and the children women and men of Nauru and Manus will not be denied

Matt Aylward
Matt Aylward You can’t defame someone by telling the truth!! But your so-called truth seems somewhat compromised

Richard Hall
Richard Hall Defamed, what a choice of word to use, he is not famous nor popular and quite simply demonstrates the corrupt and immoral nature of our government, they all turn a blind eye and live in ignorance thinking they are doing some great job when in fact their standards are appalling.

Fiona Yael SF
Fiona Yael SF Is telling the the truth defamation? Do you really want to go there, Peter Dutton? Bring it on, I say.

Peter Callan
Peter Callan “I won’t be defamed”. Pretty hard for you to avoid it, fucknuckle.

Brad Griffin
Brad Griffin Defamed? Potato Head.

Gail Elliott
Gail Elliott Poor old fella

Cameron Quinn
Cameron Quinn Liam !!!!!! Incredible

Ross Grant
Ross Grant Not so surprising, with this bloke!

Darren Reed
Darren Reed He defamed himself over and over again

Darren Reed
Darren Reed Any good lawyers on this post? He needs a couple of you maybe a dozen like mr burns

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling When attack is the best and only form of defence there’s a serious problem, Mr Dutton. Zero sympathy.

Linda King
Linda King Sorry peter you have already defamed yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa Endersby
Theresa Endersby Why wont the media give Peter Dutton a break – it may be that it is within his powers to act with integrity and honesty towards those detained on Nauru and he hasn’t – he is more worried about his own reputation. He is in Government to make a differenSee more


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