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Nauru’s top court may be forced to deide whether detention is lawful


Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano Nauru is a tiny, failed state which relies on the Australia government in order to exist. It’s unlikely they will reject the big bucks that we’re handing them…

John Brown
John Brown Nauru is a failed state with a welfare dependant puppet government and a corrupt political class, they have no business deciding anything.

Dave Roman
Dave Roman I don’t like his chances, given one of the largest economical drivers in that country is the detention centre, and the government is about as corrupt as one could be without incurring sanctions

Neville Smith
Neville Smith Has Nauru now supposedly got a top court ????
May they have flown in a couple of dozen kangaroos after ridding themselves of the previous judiciary and NZ reducing funding to Nauru in protest.

I am sure Turnbull co-operated in personally hand selecting the roos from the GG’s retirement cottage grounds.


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