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In Nauru’s ghost camps, refugees sleep away the pain

Groggy State

Emma Adams
Emma Adams Most likely these drugs are mirtazepine and quetiapine (seroquel) or olanzapine (zypexa). Very useful to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD. However, seroquel and zypexa do have the potential to cause a zombie soporific effect if not prescribed appropriately. There is no truly appropriate use of psychotropic medications in these centres, what I mean by this is the most appropriate medical treatment is to get the sufferers out of there and somewhere safe.

Isabella Porter
Isabella Porter You have no truth as to your comment Sadly politics in this country seem to be at the behest of the nut jobs who think all refugees should not be here and are illegal, until thst changes, sadly nothing else will

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano “Compliant groggy state…” an excellent description of the frigtened, bigoted, ignorant voters who support this obscenity.

Light and Life Ministries
Light and Life Ministries I think stuff about labour are great who agrees?

Maureen Shackleton Adams
Maureen Shackleton Adams More of what wouldn’t be allowed to be done to Australians.

Neville Smith
Neville Smith Unprosecuted alleged international criminals wanted to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity by ICC Prosecutor:
for starters.


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