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Don’t say in 10 years that you didn’t know. We all know

Watch this powerful video of Teacher Jude, Even and Jen “Don’t say in 10 years that you didn’t know. We all know”.


Sabina Gugler
Sabina Gugler History is repeating itself, we have built soul destroying camps set up, financed and run by Australia. Places where every day people are trying to KILL themselves because their suffering has become too unbearable! Our answer, to put them under suicide watch, cut them down, stitch them back together, and force them to continue to suffer rather than to just STOP what WE are doing and put an end to the suffering WE, Australians are causing! Our tax payer dollars and our silence make us complicit!

Which side of history are you on? Are you speaking out against these authorities, or are you shamefully looking the other way allowing it to go on and on and on?

Tina Deverell
Tina Deverell I watched this this morning- no doubt in 10 years there will be another excuse!

I think dutton is just too embarrassed to go back on his “they cannot come to Australia” The man is foolish- this issue can be rectified so easily….. Ummmm LET THEM STAY

Robert Burns Snr
Robert Burns Snr Do a one off clearance of the ones on Manus& Nauru. Let them and the ones on TPV’s become citizens and let them work. How are we going to pay for it you ask. Close the camps and save the 1 billion dollars/ yr they are costing us. If the money is spentSee more

Emm Fritsch
Emm Fritsch The rest of the world are finally taking notice and action.. Germany too!

Iseult Champion
Iseult Champion I was at the Sydney rally, and it was great to see so many people there. I’m so glad it got some media attention, I was worried it would be ignored by the media regardless of how many turned out.

Eva Luckeneder
Eva Luckeneder I like the word ‘concentrationcamp’ that’s exactly was Nauro and Manus is.

Lisa Scrimmager
Lisa Scrimmager Video? The article only seems to contain images.

Margaret Morgan
Margaret Morgan The first image is a video, beginning with Adam Bandt, Greens MP speaking.

Rosalind Berry
Rosalind Berry There are interviews with 3 people who worked on Nauru.

Barb Hildebrand
Barb Hildebrand Shared and tweeted and will continue to.

Ann Wherry
Ann Wherry Now is the right time!

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