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Photos of the rally around Australia to BRING YOU HERE

To the children who have spent the past 9 months operating this page, showing Australians and the world that you are incredibly strong, resilient, intelligent human beings who have rights and deserve your FREEDOM as much as any other child. Here are some photos of the rallies to show you how your contribution has impacted Australians! The ‘Days in detention’ series of photos and the ‘3rd Christmas in detention’ photos and many other photos you have posted have gone viral around the world and used in lots of campaigns. We acknowledge your amazing efforts and understand that you are tired and should take a break to be children. We understand that the page has shifted into something much bigger than your original intention of just wanting to communicate with other teenagers. Let us take over from here. Do as much or as little as you want on this page. Our country made this mess and it is our responsibility to fix it.
Photos of the rally around Australia to BRING YOU HERE

Helen Merrick
Helen Merrick Here are some more pictures from the rallies –

Light and Life Ministries
Light and Life Ministries totally couldnt agree more

Sally Scott
Sally Scott Will this ultra-conservative Government do it??? They are certainly being ridiculed overseas, and don’t get the fact it’s tainted our once good, not excellent reputation.


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