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Australian children HEAR YOUR VOICES

To the children on Nauru (and adults on Nauru and Manus) Australian children HEAR YOUR VOICES


Standing in Solidarity – Circle of Silence – #BringThemHere

Standing in Solidarity is a National Day of Prayer & Action for Catholic schools during National Child Protection Week (September 4-10) to project a united Catholic voice expressing solidarity for people seeking asylum in Australia. We are aiming for 200 schools to be involved and to make this a meaningful experience for students as well as building a positive narrative we can disseminate to the wider community.

To launch this week of prayer and action, CAPSA invites schools in Melbourne to participate in a large-scale Circle of Silence in the Melbourne CBD. The event will help promote the event nationally and be symbolic gesture of solidarity to all those people seeking asylum currently experiencing injustice. In particular we will join the calls for Malcolm Turnbull to close the detention centres on Manus and Nauru and #BringThemHere

Key Details

Date: Friday, September 2

Time: 11am-12.30pm

Location: Birrarung Marr (next to Federation Square, on the Yarra River)

Joining us for this event will be Gunnaikurnai-Yamaji man Brent Watkins, refugee advocate Sister Brigid Arthur, 2016 Victorian of the Year Julian McMahon, and West Papuan activist and former refugee Jefry Yikwa.


11am -11.50am – Welcome & Speeches

11.50am – 12.20pm – Circle of Silence

12.20pm – 12.30pm – Reflection & Thank-you

By coordinating an event in combination with many Catholic schools from across wider Melbourne and Victoria, CAPSA is seeking to raise public awareness and build support for greater compassion and humanity towards people seeking asylum who have suffered and experienced injustice. Unifying under the CAPSA banner is an opportunity to express our shared values and humanity in solidarity with people fleeing persecution, war, and torture in conflict areas and failing states around the globe.

Patricia Brooks
Patricia Brooks Awesome and so wonderful of all you young people from your school to stand up and be a voice for refugees and asylum seekers!!!! You are all beautiful !!!! I hope many other schools , other churches… Etc etc come forward and join in and put pressure on TURNBUL and GOVERNMENTS !!!


Peter Bean
Peter Bean What do you reckon Lee Kroehn Shall we do this at Concordia; perhaps you could mention to other guys tomorrow – see if we can make it wider


Tina Deverell
Tina Deverell Out of the mouths of babes- these kids, our future xx #Blessed#


Shaalee Stubbs
Shaalee Stubbs I would love to do this but the boss would never forgive me.


Terri Seon
Terri Seon Heard the best news today. Of coarse it was last but an 88 yr old judge in Australia is swapping places with refugees in Naaru and Manus to show up the disgusting state of using these people as human sheilds. The law is a farce,!


Bridgette Mcd
Bridgette Mcd Such late news. Also many schools having their Father’s Days celebrations today. Should have been next week during actual week. Hope it went well.


Brian English
Brian English ‘Blessed are the ( little) children….for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’

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