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Teacher Evan, Teacher Lauren, CM Selena, Teacher Jen and Teacher Judith are speaking out!

Hey kids (and adults) watch your wonderful teachers on this video. Teacher Evan, Teacher Lauren, CM Selena, Teacher Jen and Teacher Judith are speaking out and Australians are listening!

Published on 28 Aug 2016

Attending a protest rally in Sydney, five whistleblowers come out to demand that the offshore detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru where they worked be closed and the Refugees and Asylum Seekers held there be brought to Australia putting an end to their indefinite incarceration and torture.




Why does such a small population of detainees commit so many murders and rapes? Why are the detainees persecuting and attacking gay men? Are they so traumatised from war and detention that they can no longer control themselves and feel the need to attack, rape and murder others? Why should we put our community at risk by allowing such people into our country? You want to bring them here because they are being attacked, raped and murdered, but you never address the fact that some of the people you want to bring here are the ones doing the attacking, raping and murdering! You just say “Let them in”, and I guess your plan is that we’ll just deal with the raping and murdering here on the mainland?
Mr Brendan

The abuse is being perpetrated by the guards who have become desensitised and by angry locals on Manus and Nauru – being gay is illegal and not tolerated in PNG or Nauru where gay asylum seekers are being released when their refugee status is being granted – homophobic abuse is coming from outside – being gay from certain nations is a reason for being granted refugee status in Australia – Nauru is a bankrupt nation run by a corrupt dictatorship – the citizens are already desperate and none of the millions being given to the Nauru government are reaching the ground hence the attacks on asylum seekers and refugees who are seen as another strain on already very limited supplies – the children and families are in a state of complete mental collapse due to the indefinite nature of their detention in utterly squalid conditions – indefinite detention was invented by the American penal system to break prisoners spirits by taking away hope, the one thing that people cling on to when incarcerated for long periods of time – no prisoner in Australia would be legally allowed to be subjected to the extreme conditions constantly inflicted on these people, who have committed no crime other than flee atrocities. The children and families are self harming by lip sewing, hunger striking and setting themselves on fire. This is a humanitarian disaster being maintained as a deterrent to other traumatised people escaping war and fleeing for their lives – Australia signed up to the international conventions on refugees and asylum seekers and is currently ignoring its commitments to these agreements. The trauma already experienced by these people fleeing from war and unrest is being constantly exacerbated by the limbo in which they are being held with no chance of release anywhere other than the dangerous and life threatening surroundings of PNG and Nauru. This is the state sanctioned abuse people are protesting against. These are the reasons outside agencies and reporters are not being granted access to see what is happening inside. All Australians are bound by Mandatory Reporting laws to inform authorities if they even suspect abuse of children so that intervention can be put into place, the opposite has been imposed on and applies to employees and ex-employees from detention centres who can be put in jail for two years for reporting abuse. These are the reasons this has to stop. There are humane alternatives. Successive governments have created this national shame and they want us to look away because they have lost control of an unworkable situation so demonise all people escaping persecution.

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