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Take what you need sign

Take what you need sign.


Margaret Blair
Margaret Blair Those poor children , can you imagine the damage that has been done to them ? they need to come home 😦

Isabella Porter
Isabella Porter Wish it would happen sooner than later, disgraceful children should be subjected to this harm

Justine Berry
Justine Berry Poor poor innocent children. My heart aches for you all… most of this country want you to have freedom. You are not forgotten little souls xxxx

Hazel Tong
Hazel Tong Gorgeous kids. Praying for them.

Adam Tran
Adam Tran Amazing photo.

Nancy Campisi
Nancy Campisi Look at them! So gorgeous.

Merrin Watts
Merrin Watts Grant– think you’ll “like” this one 😢

Brian English
Brian English What sort of people incarcerate children, innocent families, the old and the young- dividing families, separating parents from their children? And just because the have been foolish enough to exercise their legal right to apply for asylum. These people lock them up in cruel gulags where they are oppressed, beaten, denied adequate food, medical care,all too often sexually abused-even children are not safe and, perhaps worst of all, deprived of hope! What sort of people are responsible for such horrors,you ask– well, sad to say, they are Australians like you and me! Why are we not mortally ashamed ? Why do we continue to look away?

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