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The Forgotten Children – ABC 4 Corners

Powerful! Please share everywhere! There’s a reason why we have been so quiet lately….



Mary Formosa
Mary Formosa Anger sadness and tears to come next Monday…A must watch by all Australians

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano I the horrible, heartbreaking stories told so far haven’t swayed the Australian public, I suspect this program will pass mostly unnoticed.

Sandra Minjoot Theseira
Sandra Minjoot Theseira So how come they are claiming no children are held in detention? Shameless!

Margaret Sinclair
Margaret Sinclair In some cases, it would have been a matter of just months between these children and children from the same boats who were left on Christmas Island and then came to Australia

Apeetha Arunagiri
Apeetha Arunagiri The ignorance of our government is flashing in fairy lights over Nauru. Did they really think they could get away with this!!?

Patricia Brooks
Patricia Brooks The Australian government are ignoring the people who are speaking up to close these camps and bring them here with permanent visas.!!!
I’m an ashamed and disgusted Australian !!!!

Liz Johnston
Liz Johnston Can someone please record this for me PeterMarilyn WilliamsGail Johnston? This is horrible, we are known round the world for our horrible treatment of refugees!

Gail Johnston
Gail Johnston I know it’s disgusting right!

PeterMarilyn Williams
PeterMarilyn Williams Liz, have set to record programme. xx

Mary Blight
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