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The link for the Four Corners program Forgotten Children

To our friends on Nauru, you can watch the Four Corners Forgotten Children using this link.


Steve MacDonald
Steve MacDonald I had two overwhelming feelings watching this program. The first was how stupid we Australians are to not see the value of these remarkable children/young adults. The second feeling occoured with Scott Morrison’s apperance. I wished he would die, now. What has become of our society that we allow people to be treated the way we treat refugees?

Miriam Bos
Miriam Bos Hope Malcolm Turnbull watched this. Where is the compassion in this world and in our government!

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Julie Jolly
Julie Jolly I can’t believe we are allowing this to happen, it is so cruel. Bring them to Australia.

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano The refugees on Nauru are political prisoners… held captive in return for votes.

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Sue Hassell
Sue Hassell Thinking of all of you there, you are never forgotten in my home, One day I hope you find true peace and safety. That you heal and become even more remarkable than you are now. That you can grow, inspir all who meet you and help ensure what has happened never happens again. Stay safe and keep being strong

Ham Burger
Ham Burger Bring them here.

Tina Lehner
Tina Lehner still no end ? 😦 why Australia keeps them away from their land on this terrible Island? They all should get the possibility to get a place in Australia….such a huge Kontinent… pleas think about the Future of these Kids!!!!

Shaza Mi
Shaza Mi Anyone who watched the program I’m sure would think, what happens when people have no hope?
I am extremely upset for all the refugees there but especially the kids who have no hope anymore.
We are all people of the world.

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Julie Hallett
Julie Hallett Stop this stupid situation now! It is indefensible for our stupid government to maintain this cruelty.

Sophie Gaur
Sophie Gaur Bring them here. Compassion / Humanity / Decency – DECENCY – what happened to DECENCY?? Basic human decency – These are all OUR children.

Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson This makes me so angry that our heartless government can treat innocent refugees so badly, and that so many people agree with it. Utter utter utter bastards.

Jo Riley-Fitzer
Jo Riley-Fitzer This made me so angry, and sad, and ashamed 😢😡

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Kathy Frame
Kathy Frame Thank you to the incredible teachers and Save the Children workers who have spoken up tonight and for their support in giving these poor children some hope.

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Sue Middlewood
Sue Middlewood Did Malcolm watch? How does he feel? How can this be allowed to continue?

Jennifer Eaton
Jennifer Eaton I cried when I visited a concentration camp, I cried after going to the apartheid museum and I cried after watching this program. Have we not learnt anything about humanity and atrocities committed in our name? Look what our government is doing in our name and with our taxes! It’s a game of political football.

Donna Chapman
Donna Chapman This was so heartbreaking to watch.. why are these lives not worthy enough?

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Margot Obrist
Margot Obrist Don’t only write comments on Facebook. Write to your MP’s!

Trish Campbell
Trish Campbell Thank you to those wonderful teachers advocating for the children, thank you those beautiful brave children who have the courage to speak out and tell their story. Now we must act to bring the children to Australia and stop the suffering. As an educator I cannot stand by and watch education denied. Lets have The Rose Cafe in Australia.

Rosalind Kingston-Lee
Rosalind Kingston-Lee Just finished watching this and yes to all the haters my door is open as should Australia be to all of those who have been recognised as genuine refugees. Bring them here.

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Paula Wildman
Paula Wildman Please, please stop treating children this way…how can we as a humane society allow this to go on….what can I do to stop this?..I would welcome a child into my home..

Silvia Mezzatesta
Silvia Mezzatesta Please please please get them out of there. My heart is broken over this shame

Liz O'Sullivan
Liz O’Sullivan Thank you to these Save the Children teachers for caring for these students and for speaking out. You are brave and compassionate. I send good wishes and hugs to the children of Nauru. I’m sorry for what you have endured. Stay strong and know that people here care for you and only hope the best for you.

Lauren Shay
Lauren Shay How can any one, any government, treat children this way? It is utterly shameful and for the government to shun responsibility and say it’s Nauru’s problem is a disgrace. This is child abuse sanctioned by our morally corrupt “leaders”.

Ange Sommers Rees
Ange Sommers Rees Alex Grenville is this what you were watching?

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Jill Robinson
Jill Robinson I saw it on ABC TV this evening – I couldn’t bear to watch again. Absolutely heartbreaking to see and hear. I commend those who spoke out. And condemn our politicians who enable this outrageous, despicable treatment.

Caroline Small
Caroline Small Lost for words. How long does it take? How long should it take? A heartbeat!!!!

Rosemary Warner
Rosemary Warner Free them now particularly Shamin! Such beautiful children too

Kylie Elliott
Kylie Elliott What can we do???! Can we find a way to get in contact with the kids and offer communication. I’m a teacher. I would more than willingly provide lessons and would love to send them stuff. I know it is not an end solution but something.

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Sally Cripps
Sally Cripps Watched this and was left feeling so sad.

Marie-France Laval
Marie-France Laval How can Malcolm Turnbull wash his hands over the safety of those in Nauru, abandon them to a 1/3 world country that ‘s only interested in taking our taxes? our gov has created a lawless Guantanamo of perfectly legal refugees to suit its agenda. What’s See more

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Grace Geiger
Grace Geiger I so hope this gets some movement happening for these young people deserve a future…

Kate Owens
Kate Owens I’ve just sent a ( very calm) email to Mr Turnbull asking the question when can the children languishing on Nauru expect to be free? I encourage all to do the same.

Michelle Fogarty
Michelle Fogarty The little girl shamim has an obvious goitre and is clearly reporting symptoms of hypothyroidism…for God’s sake how can we not get this beautiful girl the medical treatment she needs? Shame Australia….shame

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Please write to Peter Dutton and Dr John Brayley with your concerns

Naomi Brick
Naomi Brick For the first time I am ashamed to be Australian. I cannot believe we are allowing our government to abandon these desperate children. Kate can you please share the email address for Malcom Turnbull? We need to get those kids ( and their parents ) out of there urgently.

Monica Elith
Monica Elith I am so ashamed and angry. There is room, room in our country and I know for many of us room in our homes, for these beautiful, articulate, precious young people. They have suffered too much. Shame, shame on Australia.

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