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Four of the most harrowing tales Amnesty International heard on Nauru, the ‘Island of Despair’ – SMH

Amnesty International’s new report, Island of Despair, outlines a series of allegations about life on Nauru for refugees and asylum seekers.

The human rights group says it interviewed more than 50 refugees and asylum seekers, most of who have “disturbing, detailed accounts of the disintegration of their own or others’ mental health”.

Kurt Braasch
Kurt Braasch And we describe ourselves as a society based on Judea Christian values when it comes to justifying discrimination . Where are those values when it comes to the abuse of children on Nauru?

Susan Cook
Susan Cook This is too awful

Mobbzee Paul
Mobbzee Paul Australia’s shame….disgraceful
Miriam Cristina Dinelli
Miriam Cristina Dinelli Proteste:




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