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Proposed law to ban those from Manus and Nauru offshore detention from ever coming to Australia

Peter Dutton and the Prime Minister said “We want to get women and children off Nauru as quickly as possible”. (Then get everyone else off).
In the past the Government said they would not send people to New Zealand because they could get to Australia with a tourist visa etc. This proposed new law (as wrong as it is) means they would close that avenue. So the new law would mean that they could send people to New Zealand. It could be another third country like America? It doesn‘t just mean that they will not go to Australia!
This is a very difficult time for the people on Nauru (and Manus) and the negative messages risk pushing them over the edge. So please consider them when talking about the Government announcement today and read between the lines. Think about their possible strategies. The Government will probably force the Labor Party to support the law because Kevin Rudd from their party said no one will ever come to Australia. If they do support the new law then the Labor Party could agree with the law on the condition that people are sent to a third country within a time frame. They could also support it on the condition that there are some exemptions (like reuniting families) Labor also may not support the new law (unlikely). Advocates plan to fight the law in the court too.
ABC did report that there are some exemptions, but we don’t know if that is true yet.
We do not know what they are going to do. All we know is that they want to get people off Nauru and Manus to be resettled as soon as possible.

Joan Taylor
Joan Taylor Bring them here.

Azhar Javed
Azhar Javed Yes, and how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?
Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see?
Bob Dylan

Gloria Williams Hawke
Gloria Williams Hawke Bring them here to NZ

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Take us all to NZ plz

Diane Hunt
Diane Hunt Bring them here!!!!!! NOW!

Jenni Powell
Jenni Powell Enough. These humans have suffered too much. Grow a pair and #bringthemhere

Veronica Forsayeth
Veronica Forsayeth I wish they could get to a great country like Norway or Canada. Anywhere but here. Heartbreaking.

Ben Clapton
Ben Clapton Kevin Rudd’s 2013 comments included an important caveat – “as a refugee”. That means that the path was open for future travel, unlike the Libs plans.
Stay strong, stay safe. There are many in Australia who would love to have you as neighbours

Adnan Choopani
Adnan Choopani My dream it was to be a soldier in Australian navy but if they don’t want me to help this country so i feel sorry for this government.

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Reports say that it doesn’t apply to those people sent to Nauru when the were under 18. The new laws do not apply to you.

Jase JT Tāwhiwhirangi
Jase JT Tāwhiwhirangi Hey brother I still remember the night I had to follow you into the tent when you had the rope. Sometimes it gives me nightmares because you look similar to my son.
I hope some day you find happiness somewhere.


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