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No tolerance for Dutton’s blatant lies!

Outrage! No tolerance for Dutton’s blatant lies! Don’t accept this people! Hold him to account. This is a man who has consistently accused victims and advocates of fabricating lies about actual sexual assaults. This is not hearsay, the PNG police provide evidence of the LIES.


Glenn Bradbury
Glenn Bradbury thats why he has the job

Jeff Calvert
Jeff Calvert Dutton,… promoting his #AustralianValues

Tony Vass
Tony Vass When you lock innocent people up in Gulags and enjoy their pain you can’t claim to have good values.

Charlie Howe
Charlie Howe Mr Dutton never lets facts get in the way of his ongoing denigration and dehumanisation of those sub humans at Manus island and Nauru. Real Australian values on display

Ham Burger
Ham Burger Another deliberate lie from this fascist pig.

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano Arrogant fascist thug

George Windsor
George Windsor Why am I not surprised? Most pathetic Immigration Minister ever!

Carol Jeanneret
Carol Jeanneret Sack him now 😡

Heather Dalton
Heather Dalton Dutton not only lied, but embellished that lie to suggest that some kind of assault on the boy may have taken place. He twisted an act of generosity into something dark and unwholesome – a reflection of his own blighted soul.
This is a very sad, irresponsible, if not wicked, man and he certainly should not be anywhere near any seat of power.

David Howell
David Howell he’s such a… I don’t want to write it down

Joy Murray
Joy Murray Gullible ones – there are no refugee children on Nauru.

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Bijou Po
Bijou Po this man is inhuman.

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Lyn Malone
Lyn Malone He is a complete shit.

Street Underwood
Street Underwood Children overboard all over again. Sack him.

Vicki Larnach Hare
Vicki Larnach Hare Peter, Peter, Peter!

Shelley Ricci
Shelley Ricci Dutton is a heinous human being. His lack of empathy, conscience, remorse and lack of regard for human suffering, combined with his sense of entitlement, is disgusting.

Rosalind Kingston-Lee
Rosalind Kingston-Lee dutton, the scurge of the nation!

Francesca Peel
Francesca Peel Does Dutton remind you of Trump too?

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Roger Boyce
Roger Boyce Dutton: Corpse eater.

Rita Hayes
Rita Hayes This is the minister who demands immigrants share ‘Australian values’ – and be like he is????

Susan Moustafa
Susan Moustafa What a disgusting man Peter Dutton is

Margaret Maguire
Margaret Maguire Mr Dutton is delusional. He thinks he has a future in politics. He is gone

Mary-anne Fearon
Mary-anne Fearon What your problem Peter? Time for you to go and our government to treat as aslymn seekers as humans not a problem to give pay 3rd countries to deal with.

Simon Bismire
Simon Bismire Why are you listening to karl pilkington???

Joan Rossington
Joan Rossington Shame on you Dutton! I stopped voting for the Liberal party after John Howard lied about children overboard – The Tampa Affair. Please stop voting for this government which doesn’t condemn this awful man and his awful lies and treatment of refugees.

Natasha Watt
Natasha Watt This man must be sacked!

Roy Galey
Roy Galey Have you no integrity?

Allen Karanouh
Allen Karanouh He should resign he’s a pathological liar

Bruce Powell
Bruce Powell He is a liar

Rob Giblin
Rob Giblin Dutton is lower than a parasite, worst Health Minister now Immigration Minister. Corrupt Cop, Corrupt Politician. Morally Corrupt. Turnbull to Gutless to do or say anything.

Arthur Lemon
Arthur Lemon FIRE THE LIAR This is not America!

Helen Ludwig
Helen Ludwig Dutton should be dismissed immediately. This is intolerable.

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey Herr Dutton U are a lying disgrace and an embarrassment to all Australians. Do us a favour and bugger off back under the rock you slimed out from

Alec Tibbitts
Alec Tibbitts The singular most incompetent minister ever. And touted as the next prime minister. What a joke.

Melinda Hughes
Melinda Hughes Is this an Australian value? Blatantly lying

Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott I doubt Dexter Duttons comprehension skills. Spin on the other hand … ..

Bridget Freyne
Bridget Freyne I hate to hate but man this guys makes it hard!!!!!

Richard Lee
Richard Lee Duffytoon’s new bid to head the Min of Truth .. dedicated to Alternative Facts & ‘Improving’ History.

Marie Wilson
Marie Wilson Remember people this is the man that laughed at the water lapping at the doors of Islander people who’s Islands are being washed away by climate change. Low life human. SHIT HUMAN.

Nicole Jennifer Brophy
Nicole Jennifer Brophy HE’S A MAGGOT

Kate Curry
Kate Curry how can he stand there and sprout blatant lies? it beggars belief that these people call themselves Christians!

Steve Farrelly
Steve Farrelly If this is true and he has been found to be lying he should be sacked. Government is no place for people prepared to lie and deceive the public to achieve their political aims. Unfortunately it seems to be precisely where these people all hang out.

Peter Hill
Peter Hill I’m surprised that he has time to fabricate lies beside all his property investment activities.

Glenys Collis
Glenys Collis What an appalling man!

Billnjen Welsh
Billnjen Welsh This Gestapo Chief Dutton must go

John Cary
John Cary Sack him, totally unacceptable from a minister

Dianne Powell
Dianne Powell He hates asylum seekers that is so obvious!

Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson malcolm’s blue eyed boy … why ?

John Owen
John Owen Dutton the Dill! He should be put in stocks and be prepared to receive all the bullshit he has raised about detainees on Manus and Nauru. I will volunteer to throw the first wheelbarrow full.

Dab Terrell
Dab Terrell They lock people up in concentration camps. Concentration camps! Dutton has told a big, fat lie (again) and we are all outraged!! So what? CONCENTRATION CAMPS, people.

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