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Peter Dutton contradicted for third time over Manus Island brawl explanation

Enough dehumanisation. Hold him to account! Make the media hound him for the truth. If we don’t we accept ‘alternative facts’.


Michael Bailey Why don’t you get out of your Canberra ivory tower Herr Dutton and do some actual fact finding. Gotta find your spine and your integrity first U mole

Rashmi Dixit
Rashmi Dixit He’s such an idiot

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano Yeah… All great. But utterly, thoroughly pointless. Unless the gutless, opportunistic, complicit ALP acts to hold the vile, unscrupulous minister to account… this will go nowhere.

Sadly the ALP lacks the moral strength to make a stand.

Roger Boyce
Roger Boyce Corpse eater.

Rose Fletcher
Rose Fletcher This man would be hilarious if the issues he deals with were not so serious.


Julie Luke
Julie Luke What a complete waste of space

Vina Chubb
Vina Chubb His day will come . Fancy anyone suggesting he be our PM!!!!!

Richard Statham
Richard Statham The Day before we invaded Iraq, my local member (joanna Gash) said to me “if you knew what I know about the WMD’s, then you would attack”. Seems like she only knew how to give fake news and Dutton is doing the same. Its always someone else who causes the problem.

Suzie Susan Walker
Suzie Susan Walker Dutton For PM campaign does not seem to be going so well!

Richard B Doctors
Richard B Doctors If he’s been lying or acting to spin attention into murky waters of political arseholery, then he should be sacked. He is clever, devious ruthless and ambitious..which means rat cunning and no conscience.

Amador Ibáñez Almarche
Amador Ibáñez Almarche he has as much humanity as a potato… come to think of it…..

Peter Hill
Peter Hill Josef Goebbels famously said: People prefer to believe a big lie rather than a little lie; and if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. John Howard was a disciple of Josef Goebbels.So Peter Dutton is in a tradition that goes back to the fascist era.

Regina Lee
Regina Lee Put him on MANUS and leave him there !

Vicki Larnach Hare
Vicki Larnach Hare This man will never be prime minister.

Marion Anne Stokes
Marion Anne Stokes 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Pandy Benson
Pandy Benson Barry on Insiders was INCREDULOUS – the guy’s a liar

Steve Franklin
Steve Franklin We get what we tolerate. So many Australians have given their lives to protect the lives of the innocent and downtrodden. And this weak individual dismisses them as though it’s the most natural thing in the world. Gaol for Dutton.

John Clapton
John Clapton His “very good authority” is the same authority Peter Reith relied on when he claimed “children had been thrown overboard by asylum seekers” – the authority of his demented advisors. He will believe them ahead of all other advice and facts.

Justin Pye
Justin Pye When will these muppets be held accountable? Surely jail time is in order?

Anne S Walker
Anne S Walker He has to go…

Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott Every ex-police officer with honour must speak up against this dill or forever be tainted by the dunny brush he uses to clean up his mess so poorly. Horrible ham fisted gormless man. Worse than ScoMo if that’s possible.

Jill Lukey
Jill Lukey Make him gone! If he accidentally misconstrued the truth he could have apologised by now. So he is obviously unable to be truthful. Why don’t ministers get sacked anymore!

Ellen O'gallagher
Ellen O’gallagher Thanks to Barry Cassidy for his persistent questions. No matter that slime-mould Dutton refused to answer.

Jan Taylor
Jan Taylor 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Noel Maguire
Noel Maguire Couldnot lie stright in bed

Walita Thomas
Walita Thomas Dutton is an absolute disgrace

Peter Kere
Peter Kere He is a grub

Rosalind Kingston-Lee
Rosalind Kingston-Lee He has lied to the Australian public and tried to incite hatred against innocent people. He is an abomination to Australia and its parliament. Sack him, now.

Glenys Ramage
Glenys Ramage Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth. Maybe that is what he is hoping for. He needs to be sacked.

Jeff Cowan
Jeff Cowan How can we be so so cruel to these children and asylum seekers.

Katie McFarlane
Katie McFarlane Even if the story about the child was true, the behaviour of the PNG naval personnel was unreasonable, putting not just the refugees/asylum seekers at risk, but also detention centre staff.
Why is it important for to Dutton to stick to this story? DoeSee more

James McDonald
James McDonald Dutton’s legacy is the shame of Australia – Fascist Pig….


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