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Former Liberal leader says “if Dutton has deliberately misrepresented this, yes he should go, of course he should go”. #sackdutton Australia, we don’t have to accept alternative facts as part of our culture. Keep sharing this. The media are reporting because you are not letting it be swept under the carpet.

John Taylor When Ministers blantly lie and not held to account there is something seriously wrong with that government.
Like · Reply · 15 · 24 April at 20:52
Regina Kroczek
Regina Kroczek Glad John Hewson has spoken out.
Like · Reply · 6 · 24 April at 21:06
Jonathan Wallis
Jonathan Wallis Think so highly of John Hewson; yes, #SackDutton!!
Like · Reply · 4 · 24 April at 21:16
Brenda Stines
Brenda Stines Niven Stines
Like · Reply · 1 · 24 April at 22:02
Amal Khouri
Amal Khouri I like that, “if Peter Dutton is the answer, what the hell is the question.” Deliberate manipulation of the truth in politics and the media is the trend.
Like · Reply · 8 · 24 April at 22:27
Melinda Hughes
Melinda Hughes So so tired of the constant ceaseless lies, hurting so many helpless people
Like · Reply · 5 · 24 April at 22:33
Joan Rossington
Joan Rossington If a minister lies and keeps repeating that lie he does not deserve to be representing Australians or in charge of the fate of vulnerable people.
Like · Reply · 7 · 25 April at 05:18
Jon Gray
Jon Gray Well you can get rid of Brandis while you’re at it. They both belong in jail.
Like · Reply · 4 · 25 April at 06:20
Margaret Maguire
Margaret Maguire Dutton is dead mutton. He actually believes he could be PM one day. How ashamed would we be?
Like · Reply · 1 · 25 April at 06:21
Maria Macdonald
Maria Macdonald “if Peter Dutton is the answer, what the hell is the question.” The question is – Why did the LNP and ALP Senators pass the Border Force Act which threatens jail for whistleblowers (namely our society’s most trusted doctors, nurses, midwives and teachers) working in detention centres and so which then means they are protecting the perpetrators of abuse and heinous crimes against refugees?
Like · Reply · 6 · 25 April at 07:06
Edward Blume-Poulton
Edward Blume-Poulton Goodbye to bad rubbish.
Like · Reply · 25 April at 07:15
Alison Sandy
Alison Sandy Can John Hewson please come back and lead the LNP?
Like · Reply · 1 · 25 April at 08:50
Veronica Agass
Veronica Agass #SackDutton
Like · Reply · 1 · 25 April at 08:57
Margaret Blair
Margaret Blair Good to hear from John Hewson!
Like · Reply · 25 April at 09:13
Rob Burns Snr
Rob Burns Snr Easy fix for Peter Dutton. Produce your secret evidence or resign.
Like · Reply · 1 · 25 April at 10:55
Teresa Castley
Teresa Castley look in Dutton’s eyes, it’s chilling. not a flicker of empathy, psychopath’s eyes…
Like · Reply · 2 · 25 April at 13:38
Marc Spender
Marc Spender This is a man with no moral compass, and lies at will..
Of course he should be dismissed
Like · Reply · 25 April at 15:48
Olga Papadopoulos
Olga Papadopoulos He is scary.
Like · Reply · 25 April at 18:53
Mimi Anastasiadis
Mimi Anastasiadis DUTTON how they can vote for him pls iam really sick about this only one think for they kids and all they other THERE ARE HUMANS 😰😰 They way they risk they lifes to came was not for HOLIDAYS SHAME
Like · Reply · 1 · 25 April at 19:12
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Tina Bambury
Tina Bambury I am so concerned for these people. The long term impacts on these people from this anguish are horrifying to think of. A different solution must be made. Truth and honesty is hard Mr Dutton, please choose truth and kindness.
Like · Reply · 1 · 28 April at 04:37


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