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Who wants to apologise to poor old Mr Dutton?

Who want to apologise to poor old Mr Dutton? He expects an apology within 24 hours, from the ABC, Fairfax and others (You).


Lynette Lanham He has no shame!!

Melisa Menzel
Melisa Menzel 😂😂😂😂😂😂 …. Nup!

Rose Fletcher
Rose Fletcher It’s not April Fools’ Day Peter…get it together man! 😀


Glenn Bradbury
Glenn Bradbury Im sorry that i live in a country that tortures innocent people and that this piece of filth gets elected to power.

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Marg Keable
Marg Keable He wants an apology because he lied? He is a strange man.

Mark Bray
Mark Bray Peter, I’m sorry we have to endure your shameless lies and bloody minded refusal to demonstrate leadership.

Kevin Cheung
Kevin Cheung I honestly need an apology every time this guy’s face appears on my feed.

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Melanie Gee Etchiche
Melanie Gee Etchiche I’ll be the bigger man and say it. I’m sorry, Mr Dutton, that you are out of touch, insensitive and behaving like a reprobate and I’m sorry for the people who are suffering because of your short-sighted, fear-based hateful decisions.

Faye Corin
Faye Corin ‘He protesteth too much’

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John Ashworth
John Ashworth If he wants an apology let him provide the evidence that contradicts the police evidence.

Isabella Porter
Isabella Porter You’re the one who needs to apologize to the Australian people for breathing their air. Oxygen thief! !!@

Peter Addison
Peter Addison I want a apology from Dutton’s mum for giving birth to this creep

Kerie Howlett
Kerie Howlett He doesn’t deserve anything!

Julia Griffin
Julia Griffin I hope this prick gets the sack in the next twenty four hours.

Bec Scheske
Bec Scheske If anyone should be dishing out apologies, it’s that guy!

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Sue Kimber
Sue Kimber Reminds me of children overboard

Reg Ashman
Reg Ashman His parents ought to apologise for having him.

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Deborah White
Deborah White Hey I want a million dollars, Mr Dutton, but that isn’t happening either. To quote Darryl Kerrigan “tell im he’s dreamin!”

Suzanne Rasmussen
Suzanne Rasmussen ‘… I’m not changing my position, my VERSION, one bit”.
Interesting choice of words.

Ivi Hiview
Ivi Hiview what for not believing his lies?

Vanessa Cook
Vanessa Cook Tell him he’s dreaming

Claire Meaney Evaux
Claire Meaney Evaux Sack him! No apology! If he accused an Australian citizen of this, he’d be rightly sued. I don’t want my taxes going towards this liable game playing. He belongs in jail.

Cathy Gellatly
Cathy Gellatly I’m sorry he is like he is… :/

Buddy Smith
Buddy Smith So eager to demonise asylum seekers, he rejects the facts provided by CCTV and the police commander and demands an apology.

If it’s the 2000 or so reports in the Nauru Files, it’s “false allegations” of sexual abuse but if it’s justifying shooting and violence towards asylum seekers, hearsay becomes admissible.

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Mark Blackmore
Mark Blackmore Dear Peter, I am very sorry for hurting your feelings. Please come back on the bouncy castle and I’ll share my popper with you. Big, big boy.

Annie Wyer
Annie Wyer Really? An apology? The man who demanded no apology was due to our stolen generation indigenous Australians…
Can he wait until hell freezes over?

Joann Plen Valley
Joann Plen Valley SMH … Peter Dutton – dumber than dogsh*t and twice as smelly.
Me, apologise to that arrogant, lying bastard? yeah right, Peter dream on. WaW.

Leica Wagner
Leica Wagner Should stand on his sword and do the right thing

Geir Henning Presterudstuen
Geir Henning Presterudstuen The disgusting, little fraud.

Liz Field
Liz Field Bahahaha, as if

Margaret Blair
Margaret Blair What a toad !

Ann Payne
Ann Payne When hell freezes over!

Brenda Watts
Brenda Watts My apology to him is GGF

Neville Smith
Neville Smith Liars, deceivers, misinformers, the vile, evil Dutton and Turnbull playing the full 1970s US President Nixon, hopefully with the same results – personally imposed political exile via resignation rather than impeachment.

Carol Jeanneret
Carol Jeanneret Not until you apologise first, you inept wanker

David Joseph Moore
David Joseph Moore I’m only sorry that there is not an election soon, so we can be rid of these bottom dwelling scumbags.

Danny Lynch
Danny Lynch Back at you Pete. I’ll give you 12 hrs to apologise to the rest of us including the asylum seekers.

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Sheila Bardon
Sheila Bardon He wants an apology for accurate reporting?

Sally Brown
Sally Brown What a joke, I did not know Dutton had a sense of humour

Tony Reddrop
Tony Reddrop In your dreams Dutton, you are a total insult to the word Australian.

Sou Arnaout Molina
Sou Arnaout Molina How about some spit in your face! You disgusting human maggot

Iain Donald
Iain Donald Apologize? Not now NOT EVER!! Dutton is a pathological liar who bends and twists the truth for his own.political gain!

Jim McCrudden
Jim McCrudden Like he apologised to Sarah Hanson-Young?

Neville Smith
Neville Smith Liars, deceivers, misinformers, the vile, evil Dutton and Turnbull playing the full 1970s US President Nixon, hopefully with the same results – personally imposed political exile via resignation rather than impeachment.

Doug Pollard
Doug Pollard Dear Mr Dutton, I am so very sorry that you ever became a politician, and then a minister. In fact, I’m dreadfully sorry you ever came to be at all.

Christine Finlay
Christine Finlay We demand the morally corrupt and mean spirited Dutton be sacked immediately!!!!

Peter Julian
Peter Julian Neither Peter Dutton or his staff have called the top police officer on Manus Island to confirm claims asylum seekers sought to lead a five-year-old local boy to the centre, and that the incident sparked the Good Friday shooting.

The Manus provincial See more

John Morton
John Morton I think it should be the other way round, don’t you?

No automatic alt text available.

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Denise Shaw
Denise Shaw Tell him he’s dreamin’.

Jeff Calvert
Jeff Calvert Dutton’s version of #AustralianValues

Anne Tichborne
Anne Tichborne Only the most uneducated and misinformed Australians would fail to see the gaping holes in Dutton’s account of what happened. Which begs the question, why is he misleading this group? Does he need their votes?

Jon Eastgate
Jon Eastgate Happy to apologise when he presents the evidence backing his version. “I have information that has not been made public”? So, this can be easily solved. In the meantime the statements of the PNG police and the detainees themselves continue to give him the lie.

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Pamela Clingman
Pamela Clingman Absolute disgrace

Glenn Rankin
Glenn Rankin Evil Clown!

Mary Farrow
Mary Farrow Apologize for reporting the news? Well now that is an interesting perspective. What about the guarantee of safety to detainees as long as they stayed inside the boundary? Remember that commitment? Apology due….

Leonie Ward
Leonie Ward I am sorry Mr Dutton is such an incredibly awful human being….

Andrew Nightingale
Andrew Nightingale You don’t push back like that unless you’re pretty sure you’re on firm ground. Have Fairfax/ABC got it right?
Not saying Dutton is innocent, but…

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Andre Starr
Andre Starr When no one believes you, maybe you stop and think about what a career of lying has done to your credibility.

Don Rosenfeldt
Don Rosenfeldt Give these poor people freedom.

Simone O'Keefe
Simone O’Keefe Pfffft! He cannot be serious!

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey Up yours Dutton you bigot, how about a kick in the nuts as that’s more likely to happen

Rick Partington
Rick Partington When dutton was asked about the 5 year old boy he led into his house he rounded on the media saying it was all lies and the boy was 10 not 5 and only wanted some fruit.

Lillian Reilly
Lillian Reilly Disgusting piece of work! How dare you treat the people imprisoned on Manus this way. How dare you insult Australians with your lies. Do you know what you are or are you such a heartless fool that you believe your own lies? Does anyone love you? I am sSee more


Christine Williams
Christine Williams What a turd! He is such a vile human being

Connie Larsen
Connie Larsen Oh dear, does he realise it just shows his complete lack of intelligence. I am seriously concerned that he was ever accepted in the police force, not to mention being elected to government!

Kate Dorrington
Kate Dorrington You’ve really got a nerve Dutton, it’s time you apologised to the refugees and us the Australian people for your lies and disrespect for the office you hold.

Veronica Forsayeth
Veronica Forsayeth I’ve never apologized to a vegetable before, and certainly never to a spud

Kathryn Hunter
Kathryn Hunter Apologise for speaking the truth and showing him for the lying incompetent turd that he is …pfft

Rob Burns Snr
Rob Burns Snr When you start to believe your own BS you have a big problem

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Greg Miller
Greg Miller Another play from the Howard game plan – this is this decade’s “children overboard”

Robyn Rylands
Robyn Rylands Oh diddums!

Eva Luckeneder
Eva Luckeneder incredible

Daria Wray
Daria Wray Dutton is truly a vile excuse for a human being

Lise Greening
Lise Greening I’m sorry Potato Cop. I’m sorry the refugees are at the mercy of a psychopath like yourself.

Serhan Ali
Serhan Ali heres my apology

No automatic alt text available.

Timothy Stott
Timothy Stott I’m sorry you are a dick Peter.

Matthew Donovan
Matthew Donovan Poor Mr Potato Head.

Vaughan Davies
Vaughan Davies Piss off. We remember the kids overboard. And besides there’s a credible report from an official with no political axe to grind. Let’s face is you are a recalcitrant axe – grinder.

Eleni Lamont
Eleni Lamont Mr Dutton- I’m truly sorry that you are in Australia’s Parliament and have any influence in decision making of any kind. Very, very sorry. And I also truly apologise that I cannot make my contempt for your arrogant and myopic policies any clearer than this.

Sharon Collins
Sharon Collins Sit on it and swivel!

Vina Chubb
Vina Chubb What a hide .!! He should be the one apologising. He is so arrogant and righteous !

Karen Blyth
Karen Blyth I’m sorry about a lot of things – one of the main things being this man is in a position of power….. So very very sorry….

Carole Evans
Carole Evans Sod off Dutton, you apologise for your lack of humanity and let’s not forget spine 😡

Nicole Soryal
Nicole Soryal We demand that he quits within 24hrs.

Sebnem Alsin
Sebnem Alsin I’m sorry you’re an oxygen thief Dutton.

Diane Sproule-Carroll
Diane Sproule-Carroll I won’t say “Hold your breath Dutton”, but please do! This LIAR deserves no apology from anywhere and respect is earned!

Jenny Gardner
Jenny Gardner Not one person defending you in all of these comments Mr Potato Head, grow up and learn that when you lie so blatantly you will be called out!!

Amanda Howling
Amanda Howling Cry me a river Dutton.

Bek Spencer
Bek Spencer I want an apology , from him! To the asylum seekers!

Karen Buck
Karen Buck You nasty little lying, weasel…i so hope karma is a true thing. May you get yours in full

Ren Hine
Ren Hine Nup. You are a lying, inhumane mongrel with no integrity . It’s shameful you are so highly employed in a position that requires greatness – of wisdom & compassion & leadership. But instead we get you.

Gaye Montgomery
Gaye Montgomery Minister Dutton, Sorry.
Sorry that you care so little for the well being of your charges.
Sorry that you show so little respect for the PNG government and police.See more

Melinda Hughes
Melinda Hughes Trying to distract again, throwing more mud in the water, ducking and weaving , but we still see you and your lies Dutton.

Marlene Baker
Marlene Baker Must have been beaten as a child when he told the truth.

Joan Chandler
Joan Chandler He can get nicked

Dab Terrell
Dab Terrell Awww….diddums.

Dab Terrell
Dab Terrell He has the cold lifeless eyes of a great white.

Daniel McGill
Daniel McGill he’s not looking well at all is he…

Ali Pilcher
Ali Pilcher I am sorry you are in government at the moment…so very sorry.

Mark Priestley
Mark Priestley Aaahhhhhhh NO

Mick Yemm
Mick Yemm Here you go Pete, “Get fucked you fascist dog”.

David Hutchinson
David Hutchinson I’m sorry Mr Dutton, sir. I’m sorry you were ever elected to the Australian Parliment.

Debbie Duffy
Debbie Duffy We the people of Australia demand an apology from you and the rest of the Australian government for the sorry state of affairs that is laughingly called human rights for those people in detention. The absolute disregard and disrespect and contempt that you hold for the people who voted for you and your ilk is despicable and we demand your resignation within 24 hours.

Susan Cook
Susan Cook How does ‘get f@&$ed’ sound?

Regina Lee

Siobhan Okelly
Siobhan Okelly This sad chap needs to head off

Donall O'Cleirigh
Donall O’Cleirigh Awww. Potato head is having a sook.

Lisa Walkden
Lisa Walkden Nah! There’s my apology!

Maureen Shackleton Adams
Maureen Shackleton Adams Bahahahaha!! He reckons he deserves an apology. Silly sod.!

Kay Ritson
Kay Ritson So the statements published from the PNG Police and Defence force are fabrications?

Veronica Naylon
Veronica Naylon Not likely.

Annette Erdtsieck
Annette Erdtsieck I wish he’d hold his breath instead and wait.

Nuri Siper
Nuri Siper Grubby and dishonest person..

Dora Jahnes
Dora Jahnes Delusional he needs to go far far away.

Nicolette Benjamin Black
Nicolette Benjamin Black No apology from me,

Aaron Cosier
Aaron Cosier Why apologise to a con artist?

Lyne Dingwall
Lyne Dingwall Sorry you are a minister.Sorry you are in government .Sorry to the poor people you continue without any conscience to treat so inhumanely.END OF APOLOGY

2 Replies
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson What a silly, shallow, stupid turd.

Jean Hay
Jean Hay Dream on Dutton.

Siobhan Kennelly
Siobhan Kennelly Well I won’t if that’s ok!

Dawn Forrer
Dawn Forrer Dutton you should be apologising to us and all those poor refugees that you are ruining the lives of!

Tina Riley
Tina Riley Hope hell freezes over.

Rosalind Kingston-Lee
Rosalind Kingston-Lee Hopefully not going to happen mate but your apology may be accepted by Australians who do have good honest values.

Tim Goodsell
Tim Goodsell Hope you like dogs peter.

Lyn Malone
Lyn Malone In his dreams

Asa Fredriksson
Asa Fredriksson What an outright idiot!

Adrian Tribuzio
Adrian Tribuzio For starters, you can wipe that shit eating grin from that stupid fucking face of yours !!

Sandy Moore
Sandy Moore How dare he!!! He isn’t even able to provide evidence for his statements! What a disgrace!

Lindy Bennett
Lindy Bennett He’ll be waiting.

Louise Fleck
Louise Fleck Aaahhh … no.

Marion Anne Stokes
Marion Anne Stokes Pfffft wouldn’t waste my breathe on the lying tosser.

Peter Kere
Peter Kere This guy is thick as shit he doesn’t what too harm his chances for the prime ministership play dump as shit #tag dog shit

Gena Asimoglu
Gena Asimoglu Fu@%en Dickhead !!!! He’s a disgrace !

Lee Sheather
Lee Sheather Mr Dutton should go over there and stay on Manus for a few weeks… experience it ….

Darryl Fry
Darryl Fry See you next Tuesday.

Pandy Benson
Pandy Benson so sorry for expecting the TRUTH

Anne Cross
Anne Cross An apology to all those locked up would help Dutton, then let them out.

Cheryl Ross
Cheryl Ross He’s the one who should be apologising. Going on air with incorrect sledging of refugees.

Karin Laqueur
Karin Laqueur King of chutzpah. outrageous confidence to ask for apology when he must know he is lying. bastard.

Veronica Agass
Veronica Agass “Don’t listen to the PNG commissioner of police, what would he know? I know! I tell the truth,…”
Nasty cockroach like man!

Polly Reed
Polly Reed He should apologise for inflicting his moronic being on us all! 😡

Marion Schausberger
Marion Schausberger We need a vomiting emoji

اكسر القيود
اكسر القيود What’s he gonna do if he doesn’t get it? Refuse all interviews by/on the ABC? Withdraw the citizenship of its directors?

Michael Fleck
Michael Fleck Send him to Manus island on one of the boats Mr Rabbit was going to confiscate from the people smugglers,Dutton you’ll have to row faster ,boarder force shot a hole in the bottom

Bernie Green
Bernie Green Sorry Mr Dutton – you are a total WANKER. He couldn’t LIE straight in bed.

Regina Falingi
Regina Falingi Expect away!

Damien Charles
Damien Charles He’s lost his marbles!

Marie Bonne
Marie Bonne Typical bully. He’s really a sook.

Hermione Farmer
Hermione Farmer His attempts to dehumanise refugees to justify Australia’s illegal and inhuman treatment of them is revolting. He should be charged for crimes against humanity.

Evelyn Wheeler
Evelyn Wheeler Get stuffed dutton

Michael Amiss
Michael Amiss Fuck off you absolute prick.

Philip Bond
Philip Bond Children overboard 2.0?

Iznaya Kennedy
Iznaya Kennedy Get f*d, Dutton.

Erin Rikus
Erin Rikus I’ll apologise when he releases credible, objective information that substantiates his ‘alternative facts’ and not before. If he can’t do that, i expect him to resign.

So like Dutton to play the victim even as he is victimising asylum seekers and seeking to portray new migrants as a threat. 🙄

Janet Depiazzi
Janet Depiazzi Dream on Dutton and take a reality check.

Shaun Wallace
Shaun Wallace Put him in detention see what he has to say then. Scumbag.

Gregory Brown
Gregory Brown Don’t hold your breath Pete.

Sharon Bowen-Smith
Sharon Bowen-Smith He should establish that they are wrong before demanding an apology/retraction

Helen Ball
Helen Ball Bulls*%t….

Annah Evington
Annah Evington This disgusting person.
The arrogance.
The hubris.See more

Marcus Barber
Marcus Barber Okay, I’ll start. I’m sorry You’re a liar. Hope that helps

Clare Kennedy
Clare Kennedy Delusional halfwit

David Reedy
David Reedy Peter Dutton you must be joking lolof

JL Rider
JL Rider Seriously, we need an election.

Colin Wright
Colin Wright Mr Potato Head must have been baked!

Russell Jordan
Russell Jordan No apologies to this evil creature!

Matthew Hermsen
Matthew Hermsen Will he apologise for burdening us all with his stupid face?

Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott Sorry Dexter. You failed your annual job review four times in a row.
I can’t understand how you are still employed at all.

Arthur Trevaskis
Arthur Trevaskis Time to send these Australia seekers back, close the centres and stop wasting our taxpayers money on them.
We cannot afford them.

Bernadette Matthews
Bernadette Matthews Shall he be apologising when he’s caught out? Untouchable, despicable excuse for a human being. He can fuck off.

Dave Gray
Dave Gray How come he still has a job?

Chris Bates
Chris Bates Get a life Dutton. Better still, get a brain.

Ken Farmer
Ken Farmer He is despicable.

Jo Silva
Jo Silva Absolute Cock Knuckle.

Jeremy Harris
Jeremy Harris I expect Dutton to resign within 4 hours.

Andrew Steel
Andrew Steel has anyone ever seen a report of anything positive or productive he ever did?

John Considine
John Considine Hey Dutton

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1 Reply
Jill Kawalilak
Jill Kawalilak Tell him he’s dreamin’

Alex Nicolson
Alex Nicolson I feel very sorry for him……

Simone Young
Simone Young Could he be any more vile if he tried.

Bernadette Mccarthy
Bernadette Mccarthy Sorry you’re such an asshole.

Nick Collier
Nick Collier I wonder when he decided to cease being a reasonable human?

Betty Blue
Betty Blue up yours, Dutton, you dk!


Russell De Lacy
Russell De Lacy He’s not even smart enough to be a dick, he’s half a dick!

Sharon Egan
Sharon Egan The old “I have information that hasn’t been made public” trick. Like that should shut everyone up.

Julian Rex
Julian Rex

One of the funniest clips from Rush Hour. “G-14 Classified. Thats good!”

Katrina Brown
Katrina Brown The arrogance of the man is unbelievable. Thank goodness for the ABC and others that try to hold these people to account. He should be apologising for not just this but many other comments he has made in the past.

Tim Overton
Tim Overton What an idiot

Michael Green
Michael Green I apologise to all potatoes and tortoises that i suggested must have had sex to create this arseclown…

Shannon Freeman
Shannon Freeman Potato head is getting sooky again poor diddums ):

Meryl Joyce
Meryl Joyce Put him in the van and take him straight to The Hague

Kerry Bromson
Kerry Bromson What a joke!!

Bill Kennedy
Bill Kennedy I am very sorry that he is a Member of our national parliament.

Deborah Burgess
Deborah Burgess OK Peter Dutton I’m sorry you’re a lying, low life. Do you like my apology?

Kerry Neville
Kerry Neville Start whistling Peter.

Brad Griffin
Brad Griffin Yeah, not gunna happen. I don’t need to apologise to this liar.

Elizabeth Craven
Elizabeth Craven Not going to happen you are the most lead hearted man in the world!!!!

Karolina Roberts
Karolina Roberts my question is: how do scumbags like Turnbull and Dutton come to rule a wonderful country full of genuine people?

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