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Peter Dutton’s lies about the Manus Island Good Friday shooting

The government has refused to repeat Peter Dutton’s lies about the Manus Island Good Friday shooting. Dutton lied to spread hatred against people seeking asylum. For that, and the harm he has caused to refugees and people seeking asylum, he must be sacked.

Darryl Fry #sackDutton
Like · Reply · 2 · 13 May at 05:50
Jen Russell
Jen Russell Sutton’s a dud!
Like · Reply · 1 · 13 May at 06:18
Isabella Porter
Isabella Porter Exactly
Like · Reply · 13 May at 06:49
John Taylor
John Taylor The Government has been caught out in their lie. They can’t answer without admitting the lie or making it worse. Sack Dutton.
Like · Reply · 2 · 13 May at 06:52
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke Dutton has been listening to his sick supporters too much. He has adopted their tactic of playing the pedophile card if they don’t like someone..
Like · Reply · 1 · 13 May at 06:58
Rob Burns Snr
Rob Burns Snr Where is the CCTV footage? If he cannot produce it he must resign or be sacked.
Like · Reply · 3 · 13 May at 07:05
Jenny Van Gorkum
Jenny Van Gorkum just trying to justify their horrendous treatment of asylum seekers. I have serious issues with a government that thinks it is ok to treat innocent people this way.
Like · Reply · 3 · 13 May at 07:15
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Cheryl Cemeljic
Cheryl Cemeljic how do they stand there and say such shit. “prejudice the investigation?” that’s all Dutton’s done!
Like · Reply · 1 · 13 May at 07:27 · Edited
Veronica Agass
Veronica Agass Grrrrr! “don’t want to prejudice the investigation.” Huh! Now IF that was truth, then Dutton would have kept his lying mouth shut. She has no real answer.
Like · Reply · 13 May at 07:40
Toni Brown
Toni Brown Goodness! A pollie lying? How unusual….not!
Like · Reply · 13 May at 08:20
Mathew Strauss
Mathew Strauss She uses so many words to say absolutely nothing
Like · Reply · 1 · 13 May at 09:09
Melinda Hughes
Melinda Hughes So basically, Dutton was lying and his party are going to hide behind the ongoing investigation curtain and pretend he didn’t say anything.
Like · Reply · 2 · 13 May at 10:07
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson The chance of Turnbull suddenly growing the balls to sack Dutton is slightly less than zero.
Like · Reply · 2 · 13 May at 11:44
Julie Collyer
Julie Collyer And about time!!!! THANKYOU Senator!
Appalling ongoing cruelty by Australian governments…..
Like · Reply · 13 May at 12:43
Alain Rondot
Alain Rondot When government ministers play with the truth, it is not only damaging for the victims of the allegations who are being unfairly treated and demonised, it is also damaging to all of us as our democracy is violently eroded and undermined
Like · Reply · 13 May at 13:47
Shirley Martyn-Julian
Shirley Martyn-Julian I would love to sack him it is never easy to sack someone but sacking Dutton would be a pleasure
Like · Reply · 13 May at 14:20
Diane Downey
Diane Downey So Minister Cash why did Dutton blatantly lie about the reasons for the attacks. It appears to be another blatant lie and then you all hide beyond ongoing investigations BS to avoid answering in a truthful manner. Something which I now understand you and the Liberals seem to be incapable of doing. In my opinion.
Like · Reply · 13 May at 17:53
Faikah Behardien
Faikah Behardien And sadly cash won’t even know how embarrassingly stupid she sounded when she used the word “fulsomely”. Someone should tell her what it means. ….To think these people were elected by us……
Like · Reply · 2 · 13 May at 20:18
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Kurt Braasch
Kurt Braasch Sending the vulnerable to a potentially hostile community that thrives on lies and fake news and has limitted ethics (the USA). I guess Dutton can claim that he has trained the refugees to live in an environment where they will be vilified .
Like · Reply · 14 May at 11:50


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