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Manus detainees facing ‘impossible’ choice

Detainees on Manus Island may face an impossible decision about where to go as the immigration centre is torn down around them.

Helen Theviking
Helen Theviking Please bring them, and the people on Nauru here and stop this disgrace. Now.

Bonni Yeatman
Bonni Yeatman Dutton I hope you get karma for this disgrace.. how dreadful for those incarcerated

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Maureen Shackleton Adams
Maureen Shackleton Adams It’s like declaring war on innocent refugees. I can’t believe how inhumane this government is. 😡

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Viki Hannah
Viki Hannah Dutton has 2 childcare centres &
Did not pass accreditation standards
Would you trust him with Nauru children?

Ursula Skjonnemand
Ursula Skjonnemand Sending love and hope to you all. Many of us care for your welfare, please know this. ❤️

Peggy Edwards
Peggy Edwards Please bring them here



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