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Please sign and share this to support Mojgan. #LetHerStay  Janine Kaz Janine Kaz Kerry Brettargh Glenyse Duyndam Jaycee Lilli Hannah May Anne Slater Like · Reply · 23 June at 05:59 Manage Kerry Brettargh Kerry Brettargh Signed long ago… Like · Reply · 2 · 24 June at 09:07 Manage Mary T Brigid Write a… Continue reading Please support Mojgan

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ABC iView – A Troublesome Priest 33 shares Comments Damian Vuleta Damian Vuleta Is Malcolm Turnbull in discussion with four drunken knights? Like · Reply · 1 · 17 June at 21:50 Brenda Stines Brenda Stines Niven Stines Like · Reply · 17 June at 22:14 Sam Manfie Miller Sam Manfie Miller It was really interesting. I love his views.… Continue reading ABC iView – A Troublesome Priest

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The Australian and PNG governments are deliberately making conditions more difficult for the men detained on Manus Island. We cannot allow this to continue. #bringthemhere Lynette Muirhead You are so right…it is just NOT good enough! Like · Reply · 2 · 7 June at 20:01 1 Reply Jean Woods Jean Woods Bring them here… Continue reading Thank you Senator Nick McKim