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Interview with Mojgan’s school principal

I went to Yeronga State High School this week to find out from Jessica Walker how Mojgan Shamsalipoor’s visa application was progressing – the news was not good. It would be a great relief to everyone in our community if Minister Dutton showed some compassion and intervened in Mojgan’s application. This case is unique in many respects and Mojgan has demonstrated that she has what it takes to be a great member of our Australian community.

Brian Leslie Blackwell Never expect compassion from the Little Fuhrer,
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Jen Maree
Jen Maree Simone Nowlan
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Pam Hall
Pam Hall We ought to be ashamed.
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Therasa Jazowy
Therasa Jazowy Dutton = disgrace

How can this man sleep at night
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Ruta Minde
Ruta Minde Dutton has shown by his behaviour as Minister, exactly what he considers “Australian values” to be. Values most Australians would denounce!This is not a person who should be making decisions on visa applications nor any decisions that affect the life and well being of any human or animal.
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Heloise Honigsberg
Heloise Honigsberg What the heck!!! What is wrong with people! Let her stay, just let her enjoy her life is that soo hard?!
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