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Messages from Manus

Last night, people gathered around the country in more than 56 vigils, to mark four years of the current offshore detention regime.

Here is the message they were sent by men in the Manus camp.

This footage was taken by journalist Behrouz Boochani, who is also held in the camp.

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Francesca Peel
Francesca Peel This is just so sad. I weep for them.
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John Owen
John Owen I am sure my Dad, Harold Owen, after four and a half years in German POW camps for WW2 would plead with compassionate Australians to end this cruel, inhumane treatment of fellow human beings. Yet we are planning to allow “Potato Head” Dutton run our Home Office. Pol Pot was elected leader of Cambodia. Idi Amin ruled Angola. No problems.
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Julie Collyer
Julie Collyer I was with about 80 people gathered on a cold night in Bendigo, Victoria, all of us thinking of you all and wishing you all immediate release from 4 years of cruel detention. Appalling policy.
Hold on, hold on, even this will end.
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Lynne Kelly
Lynne Kelly I cannot imagine how the people in detention face each new day……my heart aches for them. Surely they must be given refuge in Australia, or maybe New Zealand! When did we become so inhumane to our fellow man! 😢
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Catherine Fyfe
Catherine Fyfe So sad for these people . Wish our NZ Government would take them …….
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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan I was at our local vigil in Hastings. What was so disappointing was that there was no mention of any of the many Victorian gatherings in The Age yesterday.
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