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Today a man’s body was found in the forest on Manus Island. He was a refugee. He is the seventh person to die in offshore detention. 542542 Comments George Edwards And Peter Dutton is probably out celebrating! Like  · Reply ·  4  · Yesterday at 20:12 Manage Kalillea Saurfang But it’s ok, because they didn’t die at sea!! *sarcasm alert*… Continue reading PLEASE HELP!

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Messages from Manus

Last night, people gathered around the country in more than 56 vigils, to mark four years of the current offshore detention regime. Here is the message they were sent by men in the Manus camp. This footage was taken by journalist Behrouz Boochani, who is also held in the camp. 143 143 Comments Francesca Peel… Continue reading Messages from Manus

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Thank you Senator Nick McKim

The Australian and PNG governments are deliberately making conditions more difficult for the men detained on Manus Island. We cannot allow this to continue. #bringthemhere Lynette Muirhead You are so right…it is just NOT good enough! Like · Reply · 2 · 7 June at 20:01 1 Reply Jean Woods Jean Woods Bring them here… Continue reading Thank you Senator Nick McKim

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Leaked security report says M16, shotgun fired into Manus Island detention centre Margaret Maguire Peter Dutton has so much to answer for. I am very grateful to the ABC for holding him to account. Don’t let it go Like · Reply · 8 · 20 May at 15:52

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Manus Island detainees told to ‘consider options’ as closure of centre begins

#Bringthemhere Papua New Guinea immigration officials have told refugees that the first compound will be closed by 28 May