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The Free the Children NAURU Facebook page started on 2nd November 2015. Since then it  and the children detained on Nauru have been in the news. Here are some of the reports.

August 2017

Donald Trump told Malcolm Turnbull ‘you are worse than I am’ on refugees during call, leaked transcript reveals

You are worse than I am’: Trump told Turnbull he admired offshore detention

July 2017

Federal Government broke promises over refugee resettlement deal with US, UNHCR says

SBS – Shorten says Dutton ‘should be ashamed of himself’ over asylum seeker resettlement claim

The Australian – Tamil asylum-seekers on Manus, Nauru set to be excluded from US deal

Green Left – Refugees: Four years of lies, abuses and sparks of resistance

The Sydney Morning Herald – Enough is enough: Human rights group calls for end to Manus and Nauru

The Huffington Post – Vigils held around Australia to Protest 4 years of Offshore detention

ABC News – US may deny resettlement of hundreds of Tamils on Nauru and Manus,-manus/8726034

SBS – Refugees to leave Manus detention centre for US in October: Dutton

Lawyers Weekly – RACS pushes for immediate evacuation of offshore detention centres

The Guardian – US officials walk out of Australian Nauru detention centre

SBS – Australians paid $5 billion for offshore processing since 2013

June 2017

ABC News – Nauru a ‘blemish’ on Australia’s human rights record, UN official says

The Guardian – Brutal truth of Australia’s detention regime can’t be written off, not even for 70 million

May 2017

The Guardian – Nauru self-immolation led to ‘up to 50’ similar threats and attempts

ABC News – Nauru refugee taped phone call with doctor who calls system ‘broken’ as they wait for MRI

ABC News – Refugees in need of medical treatment on Nauru will only be sent to Australia if at serious risk, documents reveal – Australians believe Donald Trump isn’t good for his word on refugee swap promise

The Australian – US vets over 900 on Manus Island and Nauru under asylum deal

The Australian – Budget 2017: Offshore refugee processing centres get extra $21m

ABC news – Government can detain asylum seekers brought to Australia for medical reasons, High Court finds

Eureka Street – Cry if you want to as mandatory detention turns 25

ABC News – Syrian man becomes third refugee resettled in Cambodia: reports

Radio New Zealand – Parliament ‘treated with contempt’ over Nauru, Manus‘treated-with-contempt’-over-nauru,-manus

April 2017

ABC News – Iranian refugee’s film shot on mobile phone shows life inside Manus Island detention centre

Sky News – Manus detainees to receive $70m compensation–class-action-may-settle.html

SBS News – Nauru fears detention exit economic hit

SBS News – ‘Cutting it fine’: Questions raised over future of Nauru detention contracts

Lawyers Weekly – ALA welcomes ‘damning’ report on Nauru and Manus Island

SBS – Protesters gather after violence at Manus Island detention centre

The Advertiser – Manus Island detention centre to be closed before the end of October, Nauru to stay open

March 2017

ABC News – Manus Island, Nauru refugees fingerprinted as processing for US-Australia resettlement deal begins

ABC News – UNHCR to refer at least 850 refugees from Manus Island and Nauru for US resettlement

ABC News – Manus Island: What will happen to refugees who won’t be resettled in the US?

SBS – Harrowing allegations at refugee inquiry

February 2017

Human Rights Watch – Harassment Is Denying Refugee Children on Nauru an Education

ABC News – Pregnant asylum seeker on Nauru flown to Australia

SBS – Amnesty pans Australia over offshore detention, Indigenous incarceration

The Huffington Post – 1900 Manus Asylum Seekers In Massive Class Action Against The Government

The Guardian – What is the Australian refugee deal and why has it angered Trump

SBS – Australians protest in support of refugees

January 2017

SBS – Pregnant Nauru asylum seeker in critical condition to be flown to Australia: Doctor

December 2016

Green Left Weekly – Supporting refugees and beating back bipartisan cruelty

The Guardian – Activists read the Nauru files outside Australia House in London – video

ABC News – Refugee on Nauru claims medical treatment for severe heart problems delayed without reason

SBS News – Government shrugs off horror of self-immolation, Nauru files revelations in 2016

Radio New Zealand – Nauru refugee settlement attacked – report

November 2016 – Paul Stevenson’s act of conscience: exposing Australia’s detention centres on Nauru

ABC News – Where asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru could be resettled

ABC News – Australia’s people smuggling ambassador hasn’t been to Nauru since appointment: FOI documents

ABC News – Nauru scraps proposed abortion laws for refugees and asylum seekers

October 2016

ABC 4 Corners

September 2016

ABC News – UN slams Nauru’s treatment of asylum seeker, refugee children

The Guardian – Peter Dutton says getting women and children off Nauru is ‘first priority’

ABC News – Nauru relationship to ‘continue for decades’, Peter Dutton says‘continue-for-decades’/7849604

The Guardian – Peter Dutton open to refugees on Nauru being resettled in New Zealand

The Guardian – Nauru refugee who set herself alight ‘denied basic social support’ in Brisbane hospital

August 2016

Al Jazeera – Teachers who were on Nauru are interviewed

Q & A ABC TV – A teacher who was on Nauru speaks out

The Age – ‘Compliant, groggy state’: In Nauru’s ghost camps, refugees sleep away the pain

The Age – Cruel camps must close – Støjberg ville selv til Nauru

Bega District News – Nauru teacher speaks out about abuse in detention centre

The Huffington Post – Peter Dutton Says Abuse Claims ‘An Issue For The Nauruan Government’

The Guardian – Peter Dutton attacks Guardian and ABC over reporting of Nauru files

Sydney Morning Herald – Asylum seekers: Nauru’s top court may be forced to decide whether detention is lawful

WIN News Albany – former teacher on Nauru speaks out

CNN – Former recreation officer at Save the Children Australia Eliza Seaborn tells CNN’s Amara Walker the situation is critical at the Nauru refugee camps and immediate action is needed

TVNZ.CO.NZ – Horror on Nauru – 2000 leaked reports

Independent Australia – 103 Nauru and Manus staff speak out: ‘Bring them here immediately’,9366

LA Times – Tales of anguish from refugees kept for years in Australia’s offshore camps

The Guardian – More than 100 Nauru and Manus staff call for centres to close

The Guardian – Nauru security guard ‘grabbed boy by throat and banged head against ground’ – A German news report on Nauru – Government to examine Nauru files

The Guardian – The children of Nauru: ‘What’s the point of surviving at sea if you die in here?’

Al Jazeera – Nauru: Leak reveals children sexually abused at prison

The Guardian – The Nauru Files – 2000 leaked incident and abuse reports from Nauru

The Guardian – Twelve of the most harrowing accounts from the Nauru files – in pictures

Lateline – Interview: Shayne Neumann, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Sydney Morning Herald – Nauru guard admits throwing rocks at young children, allegedly injuring five-year-old child

ABC News – Evidence of abuse of refugees on Nauru builds

Financial Review – Ferrovial forced to run Nauru, Manus detention centres until late 2017

The Guardian – ‘People have self-immolated to get to Australia’ – immigration minister’s response to Nauru files

The Guardian – Documents immigration is fighting to keep secret accidentally released

July 2016

Sydney Morning Herald – ‘You are terrorists, you make bombs’: racist taunts help keep Nauru refugee kids out of school

The Guardian – Unicef urges Coalition to resettle asylum seeker children from Nauru by end of year

The Sydney Morning Herald – Barack Obama is hosting a refugee summit, but Australia might not score an invite

The Guardian – The cliffhanger seats that will decide the Australian election result

June 2016

The Guardian – Majority of Australians say refugees who arrive by boat should be let in, poll finds

May 2016

The New York Times – Australia’s Brutal Treatment of Migrants

SBS – International responses to Australia’s refugee policy

Sky News – World Vision head accuses govt of torture

Daily Life – Why we need a reminder about Australia’s imperialist history with Nauru

ABC – Nauru refugee critical after caesarean to deliver premature baby son, flown to Brisbane

The Saturday Paper – Asal, 17: A voice from Nauru

BBC News – How Australia stood up to minister’s ‘illiterate migrants’ comments

The Sydney Morning Herald – Peter Dutton says ‘illiterate and innumerate’ refugees would take Australian jobs

The Sydney Morning Herald – Former immigration minister Scott Morrison refuses to apologise over asylum-seeker charity allegations.

ABC Radio – Save the Children compensated by Immigration Department over Nauru allegations

The Sydney Morning Herald – Spain’s Ferrovial to walk away from Manus, Nauru detention centre operations

The Guardian – Peter Dutton may appeal against ruling that he risked safety of pregnant asylum seeker

The Age – Our detention centres are concentration camps and must be closed

SBS News – We can’t be misty-eyed over boats: PM

ABC News – Omid Masoumali set himself on fire after UNHCR told him he would remain on Nauru, asylum seekers say

The Guardian – Peter Dutton accuses refugee advocates of encouraging suicide on Nauru

The Guardian – Somali refugee in critical condition after setting herself alight on Nauru

April 2016

Brisbane Times – Gravely ill burns victim waited 24 hours for medical evacuation from Nauru to Australia

ABC Radio – Minister blames advocates for inciting self harm on Nauru

The Sydney Morning Herald – ‘This is a sick game and it needs to end’: Labor splits over asylum seekers

The Guardian – Refugee on Nauru convicted of attempted suicide to ‘deter’ others

Sydney Morning Herald – ‘They are hitting us’: frightening video emerges of overnight riot involving children on Nauru

Sydney Morning Herald – Peter Dutton vows children released from detention are still bound for Nauru

March 2016

New Matilda – Save The Children Staff Ordered Off Nauru Prepare Legal Fight

February 2016

The Guardian – Turnbull and Dutton unmoved by calls to spare 267 asylum seekers from deportation to Nauru

ABC News – High Court throws out challenge to Nauru offshore immigration detention; Malcolm Turnbull vows people smugglers will not prevail

SBS News – Asylum seeker families face deportation to Nauru after High Court ruling

Human RIght Law Centre – UN warns Government that deporting children to Nauru is likely to breach international law

The Sydney Morning Herald – The faces of the babies Australia wants to send back to ‘hell’ on Nauru

January 2016

The Sydney Morning Herald – Expulsion of Save the Children staff from Nauru not justified, says report

The Huffington Post – Refugee Children Detained On Nauru Release Heartbreaking Video

New Daily – Nauru expulsion ‘unjustified’

MamaMia – Immigration Minister says he will deport 72 asylum seeker children to Nauru

November 2015

The articles below are about the launch of the Free the Children Nauru facebook page:

Ned Hamson Second Line View

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Social Songbird

Google Trends

The AIM network

Sunshine Coast Daily

Live Journal

ABC News Australia

BBC News England

Nauru ‘asylum teenagers’ start Facebook page despite ban

NPR America

Refugee Children Detained On Tiny Island Of Nauru Seen Reaching Out Via Facebook

The Daily Mail UK

Children living in detention on Nauru create a Facebook page to show their faces to Australians and share their stories

The West Australian

‘Our future is bleak, we hope for people to care’: Refugee children plea to leave Nauru

International Business Times

Free the Children NAURU: Refugee children on Nauru creates Facebook page

Daily Life

Children on Nauru start Facebook page to tell their stories in defiance of government ban

Aussies Are Talking To Child Asylum Seekers Being Held On Nauru

Miami Sun Times USA

Refugee Children Detained On Tiny Island Of Nauru Reach Out Via Facebook


Children in Nauru lose access to “illegal” Facebook (not true – the page continues)

Federal Government Career


Refugee Children In Nauru Set Up Free the Children NAURU Facebook Page Despite Ban

Cook Island News

Refugee children turn to Facebook

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Free The Children NAURU Is Gaining Attention, At Last

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The heartbreaking messages we were never supposed to see

Mirror Daily


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Facebook page highlights plight of children on Nauru

Mindanao Examiner

Nauru ‘asylum teenagers’ start Facebook page despite ban – BBC News

‘Hear our voices’: Children on Nauru break rules to launch Facebook page

High Beam Research

Refugee Children Detained on Tiny Island of Nauru Seen Reaching out Via Facebook


Does the end justify the means-Refugee and asylum seeking children of Nauru defy laws and raise awareness

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